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What is the story behind this Steelcase Leap gaming chair? Why is it expensive compared to rest like DXRacer series? what makes this chair so special? we plan to answer all those questions in this Steelcase Leap Review.

It would be great if the perfect purchase existed out there where you could buy a product and it would suit your needs at every step. This product would essentially last forever and be worth every penny you spent. Unfortunately in the real world we have a planned obsolescence to keep the consumer trapped in the cycle.

However every once in a while a company creates a product that accomplishes the dream. The Steelcase Leap chair attempts to take on this glorious challenge, so does it succeed?

There are few inventions in human history as essential as a chair because they are our support that get us through our long days of work, they are the refuge that prepare us for our next conquest.

Whether you are on your feet all day or in a chair all day, chances are that when you aren’t doing one you will be doing the other so its imperative that you have something that invigorates you everyday.

Is Steelcase Leap a suitable gaming chair?

If you are remotely into gaming, a proper chair is an essential requirement. A chair for gamer is like the helms of a captain’s battleship. Without a proper gaming chair, you wouldn’t really be that great of a captain.

The Steelcase Leap chair satisfies this their mission statement with a host of clever features all focuses on the users comfort and support. They use a majority of recyclable materials to make a durable, multi-functional chair that conforms to your every whim.

Although this chair may seem quite unsuspecting of the gaming style, nothing beats it in terms of comfort. Not even the famous DXRacer gaming  chairs.

As you will find out in this review, this is one of the most adjustable chairs in market.

Specification and Features

Material: Up to 94% recyclable, upholstery is made from 50% post-consumer PET and is 100% recyclable,
Padding and Comfort Features: Back cushions, seat assembly, Height-, depth-, width- and pivot-adjustable arms, and adjustable back support, lumbar support
Capacity Limit: 300 lbs (maximum),
Caster: Universal Caster 3″ PU casters, multi-functional mechanism
Base: Polished aluminum frame and base


  • Environmental Friendly
  • Highly quality material
  • One of the most adjustable chairs in the market
  • Reliable and durable, capable of withstanding 300 lbs


  • Not a lot of choices when it comes to upholstery choice
  • Fabric needs deep washing from time to time
  • More expensive than the famous DXRacer gaming chairs

steelcase chair featured

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steelcase leap review

Steelcase Leap Review

Let us now get into the nitty gritty details in this steelcase leap review. An in depth look will further help us understand the real idea behind this chair.


It takes some effort to hide a top of the line chair behind the facade of your standard office chair, though Steelcase does a great job at securing high level capabilities without making pretentious glares at the competition.

This chair is loaded with technical gadgetry but from afar looks like a simple office chair with a modern appeal. Soft lines allow the chair not to standout so depending on whether that appeals to you could be a plus of a minus, however you can tell there is more than meets the eye when you see this chair.

The functional aspects are just cleverly hidden so the chair seems to have some extra bulk while still looking futuristic. Exactly what you would expect from a company that would propose to make a chair out of primarily recycled materials.

The unassuming look will turn off some users while making others balk, but the reason you buy this chair probably won’t be based on the prominent gaming looks.

Environmental Friendly – The Real 

Steelcase is focused on products that won’t leave a negative impact on the environment in the future. As we move farther into the technical age more an more offices depend on furniture like this and harmful materials can have a negative impact on the future.

Ninety four percent of this chair is made up of recyclable materials so at the very least you can check one thing off on your good deeds list. It isn’t quite a hybrid car but it still might be enough for you to let everyone around you know that you are doing your part, depending on your humility of course.

If you are the type that enjoys knowing you are using a product from an environmentally conscious company Steelcase has you in mind.

Looks are great and having your mind in the right place is awesome as well, but at the end of the day its all about whats in the heart, the core of the product that truly determines a good purchase.

Ergonomic Design and Features

steelcase chair

Your spine is an incredibly complex system and every bodies spine is a bit different. Back trauma can happen any day at any age so they made a spinal support system that moves along with the user.

You can adjust the points of stiffness so you can receive the proper level of support depending on your own unique frame. Easily slide the adjustable mechanic on the side of the chair so you don’t get that smushed accordion feeling of a heavy world on your back. There is another control on the bottom of the chair for lower back support.

While other sections of your back can use differing levels of support, your lower back needs constant firm support and this chair allows you to adjust that support even as you recline. On the back of the chair they put their attention to your posture with a innovative control feature.

As you recline or change positions your overall comfort can dip based on your vision and reach. This feature allows you to adjust your posture with your recline so you are always on the right track to a healthy back.

Sorry for that, but as long as you are 300 pounds or less this chair is quite possibly a spectacular solution for any minor present or future back issues. A lot of chairs offer decent support options but few go the extra mile to make a chair that might even be therapeutic.

Material and Construction

This chair is made of a nice fabric that works well with heat retention so you won’t be left with a sweaty back. Some time was put into making sure that the design is very breathable ensuring comfort over an extended use. As you move the seat moves and you can also move the seat to where you would like to move.

The edge of the seat flexes along with the user to maintain support with comfort. You can adjust the depth of the seat as well so you can find the right seating position to suit your preference. Staying with the adjustability the armrest have all the configurations you might expect to find in a Transformer not an office chair.

These arms can move forward or back, pivot, angle up or down, and even telescope in and out so you can get extremely creative with your seating and this chair can keep up.

This is a chair that truly fulfills the more than meets the eye idea right down to the wheels. We have smooth gliding caster wheels on a sturdy Polished aluminum frame and base, though some locking mechanism would be nice most of the bells and whistles are built into the back and support like they should be.

This model looks very professional with it all black design so it won’t necessarily impress your co workers, it still provides a nice addition to a home office at the end of or in order to sustain a hard days work. I wouldn’t be surprised if Batman had one of these in his cave.

If black doesn’t suit your taste, you can also get it in several colors.


With a chair made of mostly recycled materials there is a vast amount of territory prepared for durability jokes. One of the first things most people think about with recycled materials is that means that it probably is not going to last long.

Steelcase takes sustainability extremely serious though and they hope that consumers will pay their trust in their products back by returning to purchase time after time. With this in mind Steelcase offers a 12 year warranty on this chair to replace any part with issues.

I can’t say much for their customer service, but if it’s anything like the rest of their business model my guess is its sustainable.

steelcase leap chair review

Steelcase Leap Review Conclusion

Not every product is created equal because different things are important to every consumer. Some people like products that are cheap and made of environmentally destructive materials because they don’t know any better.

However those with the knowledge and the means might spring for a chair such as this one offered by Steelcase. Means is important here because the cost for a chair that uses recycle materials is going to be substantially higher than one that you’d find for cheap. Someone who might need to calm down a bit might say, well how much do you care about the planet?

Enough to spend possibly around $600 dollars on, maybe not? Well Steelcase made the decision even harder by throwing in some nice support feature that separate this chair from much of the competition.

However, that is just scratching the surface, the more you learn about the chair the more you get to realize the quality of material that is used.

Lots of chairs come with lumbar back support pillows, but how many come with controls so you can actively set your back support.

This makes the decision a lot easier. This is a great chair all around for enough reasons that the price should not be too big of a factor into your purpose.

Even if you need a cheaper chair for the short term there is enough present here that it could be worth it to put one of these chairs on your dream office list. Save your back and save the environment, what could be wrong with that as long as you can afford it?

steelcase chair featured

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