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Gigabyte has finally set a standard for the displays and profiles of the gaming laptops. This was a long time coming. We have already seen slim bezels on conventional PC displays; however, it was yet to be seen on gaming laptops.

GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 is not just a beauty to behold, it is a gaming laptop in every sense of the word gaming. Not only is it an ultra thin laptop, it shines bright with the awesome gaming hardware that is packed inside.

Of course, the main competitor of this laptop is the Razer Blade. So read on further this GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 review if you want to find out whether this is better bargain than the Razer Blade.

Specification and Features

Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core 2.8 GHz per core
Graphic Card: GTX 1060 6 GB VRAM
Storage: 512 GB SSD
Memory: 16 GB DDR4
Connectivity/Ports:2 x M.2 SSD Slots (one occupied), USB 3.0 (Type-A) * 3, Thunderbolt 3 * 1(USB Type-C), HDMI 2.0, mini DP, Headphone-out jack (Audio-in Combo), SD Card Reader, DC-in Jack, RJ-45, Wireless LAN: 802.11 ac, Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.2
Display: 15.6″ FHD 1080P, IPS display
Battery: 10 hrs battery
Dimensions: 14.0 (W) x 9.8(D) x 0.78(H) inch
Weight: 4.62 lb (w/Battery)
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  • Slimmest Bezel screen for a gaming laptop
  • Thin and light; long battery life; excellent for traveling
  • Loaded with high quality and gamer-centric additional features
  • Versatile connectivity and interfacing options


  • Expensive if you just the core hardware into consideration
  • Only available with GTX 1060 configuration


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Who should buy this laptop?

As always, let us talk briefly about who this laptop is for.

For starters, GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 is not an affordable laptop; however, it has several features that warrant an extra premium.

Since this is an Ultra-thin and Ultra-light gaming laptop, it is in a category of its own. Therefore, when comparing, you would have to compare it with similar laptops.

With that said, if you prefer style or if you want a laptop that has a long battery endurance and is highly mobile-friendly, then this is the right machine for you.

If you thought mobile-friendliness and gaming laptop can never be found together, then this laptop is here to challenge that notion.

Let us Delve into this Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop

Before talking about the essential goodies that it offers to gamers, let us have a look at the hardware that this gaming notebook packs.

Since this is a slim laptop, it still has limitations for the type of hardware that it can carry. Despite all the great, slim, power efficient hardware these days, you cannot expect it to pack a GTX 1080 for example.

Thin Bezel Design & Display

slim bezelWell, it goes without saying that one of the strongest selling points of Aero 15W-GN4 is the display. The thin bezel display is currently a new standard for gaming laptops. The bezel is merely 5 mm in thickness.

As far as the visual quality is concerned, there is nothing new. The laptops offers 15.6″ screen with FHD display. The fact that it lacks 1440P resolution can be seen as a disappointment by some. However, the good news is that you cannot an external with upto 4K resolution with the Thunderbolt port.

Coming to the overall design of the laptop. Yes the laptop is thin and slim; however, whether it appeals to you is a matter of personal choice. Every gamer has a different taste in design, some like the red and black accents of the ASUS ROG others are more interested in colorful exteriors like on this laptop.

With this laptop, you get three colors to choose from namely, orange, green and black. Also just so that you feel a bit more sophisticated, the chassis is crafted by CNC machines. Not sure if that would mean a lot, but it is a big deal according to Gigabyte.


Coming to the real topic now. Hardware is what makes or breaks a gaming laptop. Since the greatest demand of a gamer is to run games at Ultra setting at a high FPS, a hardware that is lacking in performance can ruin a gaming laptop no matter how well it is designed.


GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 features an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor. This is a staple high end processor for most of the outstanding and high performance gaming laptops out there.

It is not just slim, but also power efficient thanks to the leaps in the processor technology. As far as the processor goes, you will not be needing anything better than this. This is a quad core processor with hyper threading enabled. The processor can squeeze out 3.8 GHz of clock speed per core.

From gaming to working on professional software, there is nothing that this processor cannot handle.

Graphics Card

GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 and all of the other related variants offers NVIDIA GTX 1060 with 6 GB of VRAM.

For starters, if you are not aware, the latest 1000 series of NVIDIA graphics card is far superior as compared to any of the previous series. So much so that NVIDIA has removed the “M” designation from the notebook variants.

The NVIDIA GTX 1060 in a laptop is almost as good as the desktop variant. This is an advancement that has broken all the previous record for mobile gaming performance.

This graphics card has the potential to support all of the latest AAA titles at abut 60 frames per second at not just high but at ultra settings. The recommended resolution for playing games on this graphic card is at 1920 x 1080.

RAM & Storage

In order to feature the thin chassis that this laptop has, it has ditched a mechanical hardware altogether. This solves two issues. Firstly, the chassis can be made slimmer as mentioned earlier. Secondly, HDD consumes more power. Therefore, removing an HDD naturally make the laptop more mobile and power efficient.

On the flipside, SSDs are expensive. This laptop offers 512 GB of SSD and it most definitely reflects in the overall price tag of the laptop.

The RAM on this laptop is quite sufficient. It offers 16 GB of DDR 4 which is quite the reasonable amount. Since the graphics card itself has 6 GB of VRAM, it is highly unlikely that the system RAM will be utilized to its full capacity.

Not just for gaming, the RAM is quite sufficient also for professional levels of work.

Ports and Connectivity

This is yet another department where GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 shines. For starters it has 2 x M.2 slots for SSD. One is already occupied so you can install another one if you wish.

Along with that it not only has 3 x USB 3.0 (Type A) ports, but also 3 x Thunderbolt (USB Type C) ports. Not only does thunderbolt offer a fast transfer, it can even be used to hook up display with 4K resolution each.

With that said, this notebook can support up to three external displays at once. So if you want to built a true workstation, you can do so with this machine.


When it comes to gaming laptops, it is understood by default that the battery would be lacking. GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 proves that idea to be utterly wrong.

This is a gaming laptop that has the battery endurance to last for 10 hours. This has been made possible thanks to the powerful efficient current generation hardware.

It is worth noting that the battery endurance depends on the type of work that you are performing. If you will be gaming on battery, then do not expect this laptop to last for 10 hours.

Additional Gaming Features

GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 Review

Gigabyte has understood that this a gaming laptop. Therefore, not only does it have gaming hardware, it also has other goodies to make you happy.

The keyboard, for example, is a customizable RGB keyboard. Not only can you change the color of the back light, you can customize any key with a macro.

Furthermore, if you are into live streaming then it also offers XSplit Gamecaster with Broadcaster membership for 3 months.

Those who are keen with colors can also rejoice with the fact that GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 is certified with X-Rite Pantone Color Calibration.

Value For Money

One way to test the value of GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 is to first test it with its nemesis: The Razer Blade. The 14″ variant of the latest Razer Blade with a very similar hardware i.e GeForce 1060, i7-7700 HQ, 512 GB SSD costs about $2,100.

This is significantly more considering the fact that it is only 14″. In that regard, GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 is clearly the winner.

What about if we compared it with conventional gaming laptops? Take Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-571-77QK, as an example. This is a gaming laptop that has the same processor, same graphics card and the same amount of RAM, yet it costs about half of what GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 does.

Therefore, if you are looking for pure performance per dollar value, then going with a conventional gaming laptop like Acer Predator Helios 300 would be an obvious choice.

However, if you are looking for luxury gaming with great portability and mobility, then by all means get the GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4.

If you simply want to play games and you are not too picky about running them at Ultra high settings, you can even make do with MSI PL62 7RC-001.

GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 Review Conclusion

As it stands, if you are looking for a thin and light gaming laptop with all the current gen hardware, then GIGABYTE Aero 15W-GN4 should be the laptop of choice.

It is currently the only gaming laptop that offers a screen bezel that is only 5 mm in thickness.

Unfortunately, when comparing with a conventional gaming laptop, this is quite expensive in terms of performance per dollar value.


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