DXRacer R Series Review

dxracer r series review

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV131

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When it comes to gaming chairs there are numerous ways to go, and while DXRacer R series chairs don’t bring the most utility or special features. They do stand among with the top when it comes to style, design, and comfort so they are definitely worth checking out.

They don’t have built in speakers, but hardcore gamers use headsets anyway. You want a gaming chair that draws you in like a magnet and makes it so you do not want to leave and that is what DXRacer R series does extraordinarily well.

While they may seem like a standard chair, their look and feel makes them some of the best gaming chairs around if you don’t mind paying a pretty penny.

Let us look into this product further in this DXRacer R Series review


Here is short table comparison if you want a quick look at different products from the DXRacer R series.

ModelPrice RangeWeight CapacityUpholstery BaseTilt MechanismArmsCasterColor
DXRacer Racing DOH/RW1061/5200 lbs (90.7 kg) Strong Mesh and PUNylonConventional3D Adjustable2" PURed, Green, White, Black
DXRacer Racing RE0 2/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)PU Aluminium Conventional3D Adjustable2" PUBlack/white , Black/Brown
DXRacer Racing OH/RH1103/5250 lbs (113.4 kg)PUAluminium Multi-functional3D Adjustable3" PURed, Blue
XRacer Racing DOH/RV0014/5250 lbs (113.4 kg)Carbon Look Vinyl and PUInlaid ColorMulti-functional90 Degree 4D Adjustable3" PUGreen, Purple, Blue, Orange, Red, Black, White
DXRacer Racing DOH/RV1314/5250 lbs (113.4 kg)Carbon Look Vinyl and PU coverInlaid ColorMulti-functional90 Degree 4D Adjustable3" PUOrange, Blue, Red
DXRacer OH/RV118/NBW/ZERO4/5250 lbs (113.4 kg)Leather Style VinylInlaid Color Multi-functional90 Degree 4D Adjustable3" PUBlue (Zero)
DXRacer OH/RB15/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)Carbon Look Vinyl and PUAluminium Conventional3D Adjustable2" PU Red, Green, Blue
Specification and Features

Material: Fabric, PU, carbon look vinyl (depending on Model)
Padding and Comfort Features: Head and Lumbar support, , raise and lower, 4D adjustable armrest
Capacity Limit: 200 – 250 lbs (maximum), 6’2″ ft tall (Depending the Model)
Caster: Universal Caster 2 – 3″ PU casters, multi-functional mechanism
Base: Inlaid Color Bar Base. Aluminum, Nylon


  • A large selection of models to choose from
  • Racing style seat gives high back support
  • Promotes good posture with lumbar support and headrest
  • 4D adjustable armrests give comfort to shoulders and wrists


  • Expensive compared to other racing style chairs
  • Limited weight capacity; only suitable for BMI of less than 30
dxracer r series review

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV131

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DXRacer R Series Review

DXRacer R Series vs. Other Series

DXRacer has multiple different series of chairs that all deliver elite materials. The R series, or Racing series, represent the best value for the average person not just a gamer.

They have the most bold and aggressive designs and are built for people up to around 6′ 1″ who weigh 200 pounds or less.

They have a larger back and wider waist so they can fit most gamers. They cost a bit more than the F series but bring larger wheels, and much more adjustable armrests along with the most stylish designs.

Most people should prefer them above the higher priced series that follow as DXRacer puts a lot into making them the premier series. This is because the Sentinel, King, and Tank series lack the focus on design as they are built for larger people with more material as the only major change as you go up.

DXacer shopping guide

Design and Features

The DXRacer R Series comes in multiple colors and designs to suit the customers preference. Whether you want a cool white and blue sub-zero style motif, or radical streaks with sharp lines that scream speed you can find a model that you are sure to love in almost every color.

Blue, Red, Indigo, Green, prepare yourself to cycle through multiple colors and shades to find the design that is perfect for you.

The Racing series comes with two types of builds which are made for different types of body types.

The conventional mech are kind of like the F series except they are made for the user up to 6′ 1″ 200 pounds like mentioned above, though recommended for around 5’11” 180.

Then we have the multi-functional mech that is built for up to 6’3″ and 250 pounds. These are recommended for people 5’8″ to 6’2″ and 220 pounds. Making them great for even smaller people as well who want to ensure their longevity.

dxracer chair dimensions


The most important thing about any gaming chair is that it is comfortable to sit in so these chairs are ergonomically designed to support your body. Great for gamers who have back issues, or want to avoid getting any in the first place.

With a headrest pillow and lumbar support pillow included with every model these chairs are designed so that whether you are just hopping on for a couple of matches or going for a extra long marathon session your body feels nice and supported the entire time.


Adjustability is clutch going hand in hand with ergonomics so you can enjoy your gaming in whatever position you prefer. The flexible back allows for tilt adjustment to near 180 degrees.

I like to lean back to watch things in between gaming sessions where you would prefer a straight back. These chairs handle your relaxation needs well with bases that are sturdy enough to keep you from tipping over so you might start fading in and out once you start getting your lean on.

You can also adjust the height of the chair so you can get closer to whatever playing surface you use. You can use this in conjunction with the tilt function that hits up to 135 degrees to find the perfect position for the situation.

One of the major factors that separate the DXRacer R Series from the F and other gaming chair competition is their three dimensional armrests. They are nice and comfy with their padding but that is normal.

What they provide is the ability to adjust your armrests not just up or down like normal but also to the side, back or front so you can really set them up in a position that you like.

If you are like me and kind of meld into multiple different positions of the course of a gaming session then this is a pretty nice addition even if you just use it to make your friends jealous by establishing your Picasso-esque creativity.

Base and Casters

Speaking of the base with chairs around 50 pounds looking to hold up a person with up to four times that weight who happens to enjoy leaning in weird positions to push the limits, you need a strong base.

With five spokes on every base, we have a couple materials to choose from. Silver or black aluminum along with black nylon each of them shiny and sleek. The aluminum gives you a bit more strength while the nylon gives you a nice toned down professional style.

Either one works well with the wheels, which are called casters. The R series have 3 inch casters, an inch larger than the F series so they work better on deep carpets and give you excellent smooth mobility regardless of your surface.

These wheel are strong, made with polyurethane material so they also have a smooth rubbery feel that feels better than your standard chair with cheap hard plastic or metal parts. They give some nice silent maneuverability.

Padding and Fabric

The DXRacer R Series has nice and comfortable padding that is made to last and stay comfortable to back up the ergonomic design. When it comes to the covering you have a few different options.

These vary between a cloth style, leather style polyurethane, and a vinyl leather styling. The most common you will see is the polyurethane and that is for good reason as it gives you the best combo between the look and feel of leather, along with heavy duty strength.

The only issue with it is it can get hot after sitting in for hours. It is nice and easy to clean and is overall a high quality material that is built to last.

For cloth we have a material that will be comfortable and is by far the most breathable. You can game away for hours without worrying about this chair getting hot.

However if you just sweat normally or when gaming gets intense you might want to stay away from this type of fabric. It isn’t great when it comes to cleaning because the material will absorb anything wet like a sponge. This makes it worrisome if you plan to eat while using this chair along with if you naturally perspire at a high rate.

Nothing worse than having to resort to extreme measure in chair cleaning because your favorite spot is putting off a questionable stench.

Finally we have vinyl leather which is a lot like polyurethane just a bit more heavy duty for people who are aggressive with their sitting style. They also will get hot after extended use while being easier to clean than the cloth variety. Polyurethane or PU is pretty much the standard though as while it costs a bit more than cloth it also gives you the best of both worlds.


DXRacer R series gives you a pretty nice warranty though it does not cover all of your needs. They provide a lifetime warranty on the steel construction of the chair frame though that should not be an issue unless you are the Hulk.

For all the other parts of the chair you have a two year warranty. Though this does not extend to the wear on the polyurethane or fabric that comes from extended use. Outside of that DXRacer offers a 30 day money back guarantee so you can send it back if you don’t think the price is worth the overall feel.

DXRacer R Series Review Conclusion

These are the chairs that the other gaming chairs want to be friends with. Their combination of style, design, and comfort is hard to beat. With the R series bringing a larger build than the F series they are built for not just gamers but anyone who wants an office chair that is sure to turn heads.

The extra wide base and ergonomic design makes for hours and hours of gaming without the normal fatigue. The prices may be a bit high with chairs that range from around $285 to $400 you might be tempted to go for something more affordable.

However the investment should be worth it in the end considering you pay so much for a powerful rig that will probably be obsolete in a couple years.

Why not purchase a cool looking comfortable chair that works great for not just gaming, but any seated activity with the quality to long outlast the horrors of planned obsolescence that plague so many of our purchases.

dxracer r series review

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