DXRacer F Series Review – THE Gaming Chair of 2017

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dxracer f series review

DXRacer FH00/NO

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Gaming Chair is an essential requirement for all hardcore gamers. Since gaming is done mostly sitting, you need to make sure that chair you get is f utmost comfort. DXRacer F Series is arguably one of the best gaming chairs there is.

The thing with chairs is that you do not realize how much they have damaged you until you start experiencing back aches. As bad as they are, gamers usually ignore them as they continue racking hours into their game play sessions.

It is only after the damage is profound that you realize that something was seriously wrong with your chair.

Furthermore, a wrong chair can obstruct an efficient blood flow to your body weakening muscles and making you lethargic.

Besides health, there are also the issue with your gameplay performance. A bad posture and a bad chair can hinder your gaming performance. Therefore, all things considered, it is high time all gamers realize that getting a gaming chair is not a luxury anymore, it is a must.

DXRacer F Series is a gaming chair series by the famous brand and is one of the hottest selling chairs at the moment.

However, this is an expensive chair, so is getting DXRacer F Series worth your money and does the comfort factor justify the price tag? Let us explore these question in this DXRacer F Series review.


If you do not wish to read through the entire article. Here is a summary in a short and simple comparison table.

ModelPrice RangeWeight CapacityUpholsteryBaseTilt MechanismArmsCasterColor
DXRacer Formula OH/FD01 1/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)Strong MeshNylon ConventionalVertical Adjustable 2"Black, Red
DXRacer Formula DOH/FD101/1/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)Strong Mesh and PU Nylon ConventionalVertical Adjustable 2"Black, Red, White, Blue
DXRacer OH/FD992/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)PU Nylon Conventional3D Adjustable2"Black, Green, White, Red
DXRacer OH/FH112/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)Strong Mesh and PU Inlaid ColorConventionalVertical Adjustable 2"Yellow, Brown, Black, Gray, Blue, Orange, Green, White, Red, Blue
DXRacer FH00/NO4/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)Carbon Look Vinyl and PU  Inlaid ColorConventionalVertical Adjustable 2"Black, Red
DXRacer FH08/NO5/5200 lbs (90.7 kg)PU  Inlaid ColorConventional3D Adjustable2"Red, Pink, White, Gray, Green, Red
Specification and Features
  • DXRacer Formula OH/FD01 (~ $290) : Strong Mesh Upholstery |  Nylon Base | Conventional Tilt Mechanism) | Adjustable Arms | Large angle adjuster | 2″ Caster | Black, Red | Weight Capacity 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • DXRacer Formula DOH/FD101/ (~ $290): Strong Mesh and PU Upholstery |  Nylon Base | Conventional Tilt Mechanism | Adjustable Arms | Large angle adjuster | 2″ Caster | Black, Red, White, Blue | Weight Capacity 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • DXRacer OH/FD99 (~$300): PU Upholstery | Nylon Base | Conventional Tilt Mechanism) | 3D Adjustable Arms | Large angle adjuster | 2″ Caster | Black, Green, White, Red | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • DXRacer OH/FH11 (~ $300) : Strong Mesh and PU Upholstery |  Inlaid Color bar Base | Conventional Tilt Mechanism | Adjustable Arms | Large angle adjuster | 2″ Caster | Yellow, Brown, Black, Gray, Blue, Orange, Green, White, Red, Blue | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • DXRacer FH00/NO (~ $330): Carbon Look Vinyl and PU Upholstery |  Inlaid Color bar base | Conventional Tilt Mechanism | 3D Adjustable Arms | Large angle adjuster | 2″ PU Caster | Black, Red | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • DXRacer FH08/NO (~$350): PU Upholstery |  Inlaid Color bar Base | Conventional Tilt Mechanism | 3D Adjustable arms | Large angle adjuster | 2″ Caster | Red, Pink, White, Gray, Green, Red | Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
dxracer f series review

DXRacer FH00/NO

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DXRacer F Series Review

Let us explore this series point by point.

Design and Features

The DXRacer F series has several different models to choose from. There are currently over 40 different models and colors available from this single series.

The highlight of this F series is the Formula F1 styled chairs, hence the name F series. It is arguably DXRacer most famous lines of chairs because of the style it provides.

Although DXRacer markets this series as office and gaming chair, we all know that this is more suitable as a gaming chair. It would suite only a very few types of office environments.

The chair is suitable for all genders and it is available in several colors


dxracer f series gaming chair review

The F series is available in several different models. Here is a list:

  • OH/FD01/NR ($289)
  • OH/FD101/NW ($289)
  • OH/FD99/EN ($299)
  • OH/FH11/NC ($299)
  • OH/FH00/NO ($329)
  • OH/FH08/NO ($349)

Each one of these models slightly differs from the rest in terms of features, style and color choices. However, they all have one thing in common: they are all styled like ea formula 1 car seat.

Material Options

Depending on the series you wish to buy, you can get Fabric, or PU material for your chair upholstery.

Each of these materials has its own merits and demerits.

Fabric is excellent for hot environment as Fabric can naturally absorb sweat and ventilate you at the same time. Fabric is a breathable material where as the rest aren’t.

PU or Polyurethane is a substitute for leather just so that you feel comfortable knowing that no animal was harmed in manufacturing your chair. This materials is water proof and therefore excellent for clumsy gamers. It is; however, not suitable for hot environments.

PVC is similar to PU. It is a synthetic material but has a much higher quality. Therefore, chairs featuring this material are usually expensive.

Padding and Comfort Features

DXracer f series

DXRacer F Series offers both headrest cushion and lumbar support. The headrest is important for getting a momentarily shut eye; whereas, the benefit of the lumbar support cannot be understated.

Lumbar support is one of the essential features of any quality gaming chair as it promotes a healthy posture and support your back so you don’t sprain it over longer gaming sessions.

Low end DXRacer F Series also features height adjustable armrest. These are not multi-directional as that feature is reserved for even higher end models. It is a luxury not a necessity to have a multi-directional armrests in my opinion. The armrests do have cushioning to keep you comfortable.

The seat itself is adjustable as it can tilt all the way back 135 degrees. It isn’t entirely a full recliner chair, the 135 degree should enable you to relax in peace. Couple this with the lumbar support and you get a gaming chair that is designed for promoting a healthy posture.

Capacity Limit

On paper, DXRacer F Series is suitable for someone weighing up to 200 lbs. On paper, it also states that this chair is only suitable for those up to 5 ft 10 inches in height.

However someone measuring 5’11” or 6 ft shouldn’t have too much of an issue either.

One thing worth mentioning is that 200 lbs is a recommend limit. It can support a maximum of 265 lbs. Therefore, if you weigh somewhere around that, try not to rock the chair too much. I understand that sitting in the same position becomes mundane. I have personally broken a chair once so I wouldn’t recommend rocking like a maniac to anyone.

Casters and Base

DXracer f

The DXRacer F Series offers several different colors for bases if you choose the model with inlaid color base. The bases are made out of either metal or nylon making them not as strong as the aluminum bases that you can find on the D series. They are 5 star in configuration and allow you to swivel 360 degrees.

The aluminum bases is obviously a lot more tougher than the nylon counterpart and can support higher weight.

Casters, or the small wheels, on this series of chair are 2 inch in diameter and are equipped with smooth rolling material. They are quite and can move on thin carpet as well as floor quietly and smoothly.

DXRacer F Series Review Conclusion

All in all, DXRacer F is an excellent series of gaming chair and possibly one of the best in the market as of now.

We all know that DXRacer is synonymous with gaming, They sponsor several gaming events and team. Therefore, the items that they make are made for gamers in mind.

Although the chair in general compared to other brands is a bit pricey, if you are looking for a quality gaming chair that will last you ages, then this chair should be high on your list.

dxracer f series review

DXRacer FH00/NO

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