ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review | Vivobook Gaming Laptop

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review

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ASUS needs no introduction. It is one of the highest quality laptop manufacturing brands out there. It has several excellent lines of laptops such as the famous Zenbooks and ASUS ROGs Gaming Laptop.

Vivobook is another quality series of laptops by ASUS. In terms of performance and form factor, it lies somewhere between the Zenbooks and ASUS ROGs.

Where Zenbooks are Ultrabooks with extremely light and thin profile and ASUS ROGs are heavy and high end gaming laptops, Vivobook marks its presence by being the bridge between the two.

Take this  ASUS M580VD-EB76 as an example. This is a high end ASUS Vivobook that has just recently hit the market. It features a fairly powerful hardware and at the same time has a light and slim chassis.

Let us further get into the details of this laptop in this ASUS M580VD-EB76 review.

What kind of a Gamer would Want this Laptop?

For starters ASUS M580VD-EB76 is not a high end gaming laptop. Therefore, this is a gaming laptop that would most appeal to those who have a tight budget. As we all know, gaming laptops can reach extreme price ranges. Therefore, this is for the ones who are budget conscious.

Furthermore, this laptop would appeal to casual gamers. It is not a laptop for hardcore gamers who want their games to perform at 60 FPS with Ultra high graphics settings.

If you are happy with medium graphics settings with a reasonable frame rate, then you will enjoy this laptop.

Lastly, this laptop is sleek and slender. Therefore, it is suitable for travel, business and gaming at the same time. High end gaming laptops, on the other hand, are heavy, have aggressive looks and are not quite travel friendly.

Therefore, this laptop would appeal to the average gamer.

Specification and Features

Processor: Intel Corei7-7700HQ Quad Core 2.8 GHz per core
Graphic Card: GTX 1050 4 GB VRAM
Storage: 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD 5400 RPM
Memory: 16GB DDR4
Connectivity/Ports: USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen1), USB 3.1 Type-A, USB 2.0, & HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, Card Reader
Display: 15.6″ FHD 1080P, 100 sRGB coverage, IPS display


  • A great display that covers 100% sRGB
  • Thin and light gaming laptop
  • A powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor


  • You can get NVIDIA GTX 1060 in a laptop for this price from some brands
  • Large screen bezel

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review

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What kind of hardware does this laptop pack?

Well, without the mentioning of the hardware, this ASUS M580VD-EB76 review would be incomplete. So without further ado, let us get right into it.

Design Profile and Screen

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review 2

To start off with, this is a 15.6 inch laptop. Therefore, the screen checks out to be the perfect size for a balance between gaming and mobility.

The biggest attraction of this laptop in terms of design profile is that it measures only 0.8″ maximum in thickness. This is on par with some of the ultrabooks out there.

Furthermore, it weighs 5.1 pounds. This isn’t the lightest if you compare with a normal multimedia laptop; however, when you compare with a gaming laptop, it is significantly light.

If a full aluminium chassis appeals to you because of its classiness, then ASUS M580VD-EB76 would appeal to you.

The screen of the laptop is 15.6″ FHD offering 1920×1080 resolution. Nothing new in terms of resolution; however, one thing that truly stands out is that the screen offers 100% sRGB coverage. This is a phenomenal value for designers.

It does support 4K UHD output with its USB-C port.

The only drawback in terms of the design is that the screen has fairly large bezels. Where many laptops these days are featuring infinity or edge to edge displays, ASUS hasn’t done a great job in that department yet.


This laptop really hits the sweet spot with its hardware configuration. Its not just the overall configuration of the laptop that is attractive, but the overall bargain that you get with it.

1. Processor

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Vivobook features a high end Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor. Those of you who are familiar with the Intel processors would be quick to realize that this processor is one of the best in the market.

For those of you who are unaware, know that there are generally two types of Core i7 processors available for laptops. For the 7th generation, their designation is Core i7-7500U and Core i7-7700HQ.

Although they are both Core i7s, there is a huge difference between the two in terms of performance. The U processor only has 2 cores and it runs on low voltage. It has a much lower clock speed as well. This is a processor that is designed for low level laptops.

Core i7-7700HQ, on the other hand, is a quad core processor with 8 threads due to hyper-threading. This is a workstation grade processor and it is one of the best available for laptops.

A simple search for laptops would make you realize that this is the processor of choice for laptops that cost even double this ASUS M580VD-EB76 Vivobook. So, as far as the processing is concerned, you are all set.

2. Graphics Card

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Vivobook features NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card with 4 GB of VRAM.

This is not the most powerful graphics card nor is it the least. It is excellent for casual gamers. Although it can play all of the latest AAA titles, the graphics setting will have to be set to a reasonable level.

It is definitely not a graphics card on which you can play 60 fps on ultra settings.

You can read more about GTX 1050 here.

3. RAM & Storage

This notebook offers 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD with 1 TB HDD.

RAM is something that is primarily used by hardcore professionals. The higher the RAM the more things you can do and larger files you can render. A higher RAM is directly proportional to the better performance of your laptop.

However, if you work revolves around writing simple reports, surfing on the web, or designing simple stuff, then even 8 GB is more than enough.

As far as the gaming goes, since the graphics card already has 4 GB of VRAM, it is highly unlikely that you will be using up all the 16 GB of system RAM.

Moving on from RAM, the storage of this laptop is yet another amazing attraction. Not only does this laptop offers a 256 GB SSD, it also offers and additional 1 TB of HDD.

Therefore, you can utilize the 256 GB SSD for your operating system and often used application. The 1 TB HDD can be used for things like music, movies, installation files etc.

It is a very thoughtful configuration and very few laptops of this price offer it.

The only relative drawback here is that the HDD operates at the rate of 5400 RPM and not 7200 RPM. However, this shouldn’t matter much since you already have SSD for speed.

4. Ports and Other Additional Features

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review 3

ASUS M580VD-EB76 VivoBook offers comprehensive connectivity features.

It has USB 3.1 Type-C which comes with UHD (4K) output support. Furthermore, it offers USB 3.1 Type A, 2 x USB 2.0, HDMI, and a card reader.

The keyboard is backlit so working in dark environment should not be an issue. The keys on the keyboard only have 1.4 mm Key Travel for actuation. This means that actuation point is quite shallow. Although your typing speed will be much faster, you will be more prone to making mistakes.

Other than that, this laptop has all the necessary features like a webcam, Wi-Fi, and the latest Bluetooth 4.2. The laptop has Harman/Kardon speakers which ASUS claims has 320% louder sound than similar-sized devices.

5. Battery

This is a highly variable parameter. On paper this laptop has 47WH battery which should be sufficient for 6 hours on average.

However, depending on the use, it can greatly vary. Gaming would definitely deplete the battery at much faster levels. Whereas, if you are writing reports, listening to music, then you can expect it to last for quite some time.

Also, the more applications you are running at a time, the faster the battery will drain. This even includes the amount of tabs you have open on your browser.

Value For Money

It all boils down to this. The bottom line is that ASUS M580VD-EB76 offers an incredible value. It has a high end hardware configuration and it all costs about $1,000.

Most gamers should have at least a $1,000 budget to find a respectable laptop. This is the laptop that should meet all of you requirements.

If you are looking for a cheaper laptop that has slightly less powerful graphics card but a much lower price tag, then check MSI PL62 7RC-001 out.

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review Conclusion

All in all, ASUS M580VD-EB76 VivoBook is a great laptop that should appeal to a vast demographics.

It has a decent graphics card for gamers, a good amount of RAM for editors, a beautiful screen for designers, a large storage for video and audiophiles, a sleek and slender aluminum look for the business-oriented and a slim profile for travelers.

On top of that, it has a price tag that is very hard to beat. I would recommend this laptop in a heart beat.

ASUS M580VD-EB76 Review

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