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Steampunk lamp reminds you of a very odd time in history. Before the advent of electricity, steam and natural gas were the major sources of power.

Before all the major breakthrough in technology, most of our industries ran on steam. Steampunk is an alternative reality science-fiction theme where steam is the paramount source of power.

Steampunk is an homage to vintage fashion. It combines archaic elements in everyday stuff. It is characterized by gears, pumps, piles etc, and almost everything that reminds you of a steam engine.

With that said, steampunk is an essential element to the decore of your gaming room. As a hardcore gamer, you would know for certain that the right gaming CPU is just one part of the puzzle. You also need to invest in the right gaming desk, a nice chair for gaming, some random stuff to add to the atmosphere, an appropriately sized gaming TV with a stand or a decent gaming monitor.

Steampunk Lamp Reviews

Today steampunk is a well known style among the enthusiasts. It looks badass to say the least and this theme would definitely be a great addition to a gaming room. It one of the many miscellaneous items that you can get for your gaming cave.

That is where these steampunk lamps come in to play. Let us look at some of the best one available at the moment.


Steampunk Lamp

The first one that we are going to discuss is the Baycheer HL371017. Considered as one of the most stylish Steampunk lamps, the lamp comes as a wall sconce. In addition, it can hold up to 5 bulbs and each of those bulbs can manage a maximum wattage of 40 and a voltage of 110.

However, the creators of this light fixture say that it is not recommended for outdoor use. But if you are looking for an antique lamp to light up your room and add style to it, then you can definitely try this Vintage style Farmhouse Industry Steam Punk lamp.

Yet you have to be a little cautious as it does have its problems. Firstly, this steampunk lamp is not easy to set up and it doesn’t come up with enough paperwork to provide all the installation instructions.

Secondly, the Baycheer HL371017 is more expensive than most steampunk lamps. Thirdly, it weighs 11.3 pounds which makes it one of the heaviest lamps on our list.

Y-Nut Loft Style Lamp

best steampunk lamp

The next lamp we’ve got is the Y-Nut Loft Style QTF-TB01-BLK. This one is a desk lamp, and it looks as if it’s been made of antique water pipes. Due to this, it’s a great addition to an otherwise modern room, adding a nice old-fashioned touch.

This one doesn’t have bulbs included in it, so you can add any type of bulb that you want, as long as it’s dimmable. This desk lamp also includes a red valve as a final decoration, making it look even more vintage.

Also, this light-fixture is really affordable at just $59, so it’s suitable if you don’t want to spend too much on tabletop lighting. Let’s look at the disadvantages of the Loft Style QTF-TB01-BLK. First, this lamp is quite heavy because of the metal pipes, so it’s not easy to move around.

Secondly, the lamp is a little unstable when you set it down on the table, because the padding on one leg of the lamp is shorter than the other. But all in all, but if you want to accent your room with a unique light, you should buy this one!

Y-Nut Loft Style Steampunk Lamp

steampunk lamp reviews

Next up, we’ve got the Loft Style Lamp, ’The Professor’ LL-013.  As the name suggests, this lamp looks like it belongs to a university professor from the 1800s.

It’s a little more stable than the other lamps on the list, because it comes with a small wooden pedestal which makes it ideal for desks or other small tables. It’s also very space-efficient due to its size.

‘The Professor’ comes with a complimentary Edison-style bulb, which goes perfectly with it. It’s got a decorative red knob that looks old-fashioned but still cool enough to go on your study desk. Now that we’re done with the pros, let’s move on to the cons.

There’s not too many, except that this table lamp is too short for some people, as it measures barely 11 inches with the bulb included. But apart from that, this is a really trendy addition to any room in the house.

Dimming Industrial Steampunk table pipe lamp

Handmade steampunk lamp

The fourth lamp that we’re going to review is the Dimming Industrial Steampunk, which looks the most elegant out of all the lamps in this list. This lamp holds not one, but two bulbs so it’s suitable for use as a bedside or study lamp.

This lamp is purely handcrafted, so it’s really high-quality compared to any other bedside lighting. It comes with a weathered wood base, which adds to the durability.

It has a polished finish, which means the metal in the lamp won’t rust any time soon. The attention to detail in this lamp is impressive, because the cord is made of real rayon, the way old lamps used to be in the Industrial Revolution era. Now on to the cons, and there’s just one.

At $120, this lamp is not suitable for those of us who don’t have a lot to spend on small decorative lamps. But all in all, if you want something handmade, and one-of-a-kind, the Dimming Industrial Lamp is for you!

Unitary Semi Flush Mount Light

steampunk fan lamp

The next lamp on the list is the Unitary Brand Flush Mount Light. This one isn’t a desk lamp, but a wall-mounted one. This holds up to 5 lights, which is great for lighting up any type of room.

It’s got a painted finish, and comes in 3 different colors (at slightly different prices), copper, black and bronze. The bulbs are also dimmable, which makes it suitable for people who like their lights a little dimmer than usual. It kind of looks like a ceiling fan to me, and due to this, just one of these is ideal for a hallway or foyer.

This wall-mount light has a 2-year warranty, so it won’t malfunction for a really long time. Now on to the cons, and there’s just one con. The metal fixture in this wall-mount is too thin, so some people think that this isn’t too sturdy. But keeping that aside, this is a really funky addition to any house’s lighting.

Y-Nut Loft Style Mr Bathroom

steampunk bulb

The sixth lamp that we are reviewing is the Y-Nut Loft Style LL-006. This one is a table or desk lamp, so it’s ideal for college or high school students.

The Y-Nut looks like it belongs in a Sherlock Holmes novel, because of its resemblance to old-fashioned English streetlamps. It’s also very light, at just 2.6 pounds, making it easy to move around. It supports a 3-watt, energy-efficient LED lightbulb, which is ideal for longtime use.

However, my favorite part is the funky red valve that switches the light on and off. I think this feature adds a final vintage touch to the lamp and puts it all together. Now on to the demerits, and I don’t think there are too many, except the fact that the lamp’s bulb is non-dimmable, which means the brightness of the bulb can’t be adjusted.

Secondly, the bulb’s voltage is quite low, at just 9 volts, so if you need a bright lamp for night reading, the Y-Nut Loft Style Lamp won’t be suitable for you.

Y-Nut Loft Style Alfred

steampunk table lamp

Next up is the Y-Nut Loft Style LL-007-WW, ‘Alfred’. This one looks really whimsical, and almost like a little one-legged man. It’s also suitable for small spaces due to its size.

The LL-007-WW has a burnished look to it, making it look industrial and stylish at the same time. It comes in two colors, Warm White and Daylight. This desk lamp also has a functional red-and-gold valve that serves as a switch.

This table light measures 9.5 inches, which is perfect for a study light. Its archaic look makes it very suitable for using in coffee houses, bars, etc. Plus, Industrial Night Desk Lamp is very easy to assemble, weighs only 2 pounds and costs nearly 39 dollars.

On the downside, this Steampunk lamp can only hold one bulb which has a maximum wattage of 3 watts. As a result of which it can’t really light a room and can only be used as a night lamp.

Gears Table Lamp

gears table lamp

The eighth steampunk lamp that we are going to review is the Gears Table Lamp. With an antique metal finish, the lamp is considered as the one of the most elegant and trendy lamps ever made.

It is made of poly and resin and has a natural linen shade. Furthermore, it has a three way turn knob socket that is quite easy to operate. Continuing with its pros, because of its simple design, the Gears Table Lamp is easy to assemble making it even more convenient to use.

Also, it holds on lamp whose maximum wattage is 100 watts, allowing it to provide enough light to light up a room. Now let’s shed a light on the cons of this lamp. The lamp costs nearly 150 dollars and weighs nearly 30 pounds. Hence it can only be bought by someone who is ready to spend enough dollars and has sufficient space to keep it.

Industrial Table Lamp

industrial table lamp

Up next is the Industrial Lamp. This lamp has been manufactured in USA and can hold lamps that have a maximum capacity of 100 watts in each socket. It is made of steel and has a polished steel finish that gives it a classic look.

However, many people complain that, because of its antique design, it doesn’t add much style to their rooms.

On the other end, there are users who say that the industrial steampunk lamp fits perfectly in their rooms. In addition, the lamp is very easy to set up and it only takes a couple of minutes to get it in order.

Though it might be difficult to find any real problems with this lamp, one of the major issues with this lamp is that it is too pricy. Some people might not even consider buying it because of the fact that it costs nearly 215 dollars.

Perfectshow 5-lights Vintage Lamp

The last Steampunk Lamp that we are reviewing is Perfectshow-5 lights Desktop lamp. It has a fan design and comes in a vintage silver color.

The most surprising aspect of its design is that it seems like it might cover considerable space, however it can easily be set up on a table.

Also, it weighs only 11 pounds (which is less considering its design) that makes it easy to move around. Apart from this, this light fixture can hold 5 bulbs each of which can have a maximum of 60 watts and 110 volts.

This enables it to light rooms, foyers or even hallways. With its retro style, it is very hard to point out any flaws in this steampunk lamp.

However, one that I can see is that it is a little expensive as it costs around 176 dollars, so it’s not suitable for people who don’t want to splurge on lighting accessories.

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