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star wars area rug
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Gaming Rug is an essential decorative element for your gaming room. No matter how you game there is one constant among the majority of gamers, your feet will be on the floor.

With this in mind it is important to find a cool gaming rug that adds style to your room while inspiring you with a nice design and a great feel. You may also need to learn about how to judge a good rug.

A gamer spends a large amount of time in one place so you need a rug that feels good to the touch and also represents who you are as a gamer. Other than that, you can look at other decorative and miscellaneous items that you can get for your gaming room like a bean bag and even a mini fridge.

The key to making a proper gaming room is not just to simply have the perfect gaming CPU, you also need a proper gaming desk, a gaming chair to suit the color, and a nice gaming monitor or a TV with all the necessary stands.

Similarly, a gaming rug would also go a long way in improving the ambiance. Some gaming rugs focus on classic design while others focus towards specific games or franchises with creative designs. For the gamer who wants to bring their gaming environment to the next level read along and find the perfect gaming rug for you.

Best Gaming Rug to Buy

Here are some great and well priced gaming rugs that you can buy in the market today. We have selected these from among the best so that you don’t have to spend your precious time on research.

Star Was Gaming Rug

Star wars is obviously the highlight of any gamer geek. There is absolutely no true gamer who doesn’t have an interest in the epic universe of star wars.

Star Wars Death Star Area Gaming Rug

star wars gaming rug

Specification and Features

Material: Polyester pile
Dimensions: 52″ in diameter

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For some people it is known to spread fear, dread, and miniature chunks of planets. There is no ship more iconic than the Death Star a moon sized planet destroying ship that is so iconic that it has been recreated not once, not twice, but three times over the course of the Star Wars franchise.

So what better way to play tribute to a base that defines awesome with a gaming rug that brings you the cool styling of the Death Star. This gaming rug is made of polyester so you know that it is going to be durable and stain resistant, much more durable than any movie where the Death Star is featured.

With a diameter of 52 inches you have a good amount of space to enjoy the feel. This gaming run combine intricacy with style buy using tight lines and a artistic boxy style color scheme that brings the look of the Death Star with a bit of a creative flair. This rug is sure to make any gamers room heavy with that sense of galactic oppression perfect for a dominant gamer.

With a price around $60 dollars you can get an officially licensed rug for a decent price that will strike fear into the heart of the galaxy.

Star Wars Large Millennium Falcon Rug,

star was falcon gaming rug

Specification and Features

Material: Polyester pile
Dimensions: 59″ L x 79″ W

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Maybe you are more of a fan of the good guys or possibly a speed demon. If completing the kessel run in under twelve parsecs is the type of thing that gets your blood pumping then you will love this gaming rug.

This gaming rug gives you a beautifully accurate view of the top of the Millenium Falcon the fastest ship in the galaxy. Made of 100 percent polyester pile we have a rug that will stand up to some heavy duty use without budging an inch just like the hunk of junk it depicts.

Instead of a boring round rug this rug shares all of the curve and definition of the actual Millenium Falcon. The detail is truly something impressive to behold and this is reflective in the price around $93 you are paying for a expansive rug but that is still a decent investment.

However how much will money matter when you pick up Han’s bounty while gaming on the rug that saved the galaxy every time the Death Star reared its ugly head.

Joy Carpets Games People Play – Gaming & Sports Area Rugs Roll the Dice

Tetris Gaming Rug

Specification and Features

Material: 100% STAINMASTER® Nylon
Dimensions: 7’8″ x 10’9″

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If you are looking for a rug that accentuates the art of gaming then look no further than this gorgeous gaming rug. Constructed out of nylon so we have a rug that will stand the test of time while feeling nice, and soft.

This material is specially made to be stain resistant so you rug keeps its fresh appeal. The design is great featuring multiple yellow gaming dice in traditional and abstract designs over an equally trippy swirling blue backdrop.

This extra large rug is sure to get compliments for the style. Though extra large means massive in this situation as this is one of those full floor size rugs coming in with a measurement of 7’8″ by 10’9″ so make sure you have a lot of room. While staying on the topic of things you want a lot of this gaming rug is not light on your wallet.

With a price around $438 this rug will take a chunk out of your wallet fitting for its massive size. If you are looking for a rug that instantly transforms your room with a artistic gaming vibe this rug is worth a look.

AllStar Rugs Tetris Printed Thick Soft with Shaggy Area Rug

tetris rug

Specification and Features

Material: High shine polyester pile
Dimensions: 7′ 7″ X 10′ 4″

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If your are a fan of the classics this Tetris inspired rug might by right down your alley.

Never has Tertris looked as good as it does on this sweet gaming rug using south western tones to creates a look that is as soft on the eyes as it will be on your feet. Each section modeled after the four four block designs that you remember with a powdered color on color appeal.

Made of polypropylene we have a rug that is very easy to clean with soap and water while also bringing the sturdiness and feel of a material that can work as a plastic of a soft rug. With a price tag around $438 dollars this is not for the faint of heart.

The measurements are around eight feet by five feet for covering a large area. You won’t find many gaming rugs that look more stylish than this one if you are willing to pay for it.

Joy Carpets Games People Play Billiards Gaming Area Rugs

pool gaming rug

Specification and Features

Material: 100% Stainmaster Nylon
Dimensions: 92-Inch by 129-Inch

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Not every game has to be played on a screen, so for the gamers who agree we have this gaming rug modeled after the game of Billiards.

Hundred’s of Billiard balls form a diamond grid pattern on this rug. Complete with all the pool cues to connect them together this rug uses a simplistic design to pretty good success. This is a massive rug with measurements of 92 inches by 129 inches you better measure your room before you go and purchase this one.

For a rug so massive its a pleasant surprise to find it only costs around $352. Made of a hundred percent Stainmaster nylon with a lifetime warranty and SoftFlex to avoid wrinkles and lay flat. This is a rug whose design is not spectacular though the value makes it great for any Billiards fan.

Contemporary Green Black Beige Geometric Box Design Modern Machine Made Area Rug

groovy gaming rug

Specification and Features

Material: 100% Stainmaster Nylon
Dimensions: 8ft by 11ft

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Not every gaming rug has to actually depict a game, the most important factor is that it looks good so this rug come in sitting pretty. This rug combines radiating squares and shapes to simulate the look of an artistic motherboard.

The color scheme is reminiscent of the eighties tech era using a mix of black, pale browns, and green. Geometry in its most stylish form is this gaming rug in essence. With a price around $260 while still bringing you 7’10” by 10’2″ measurements gives you a large, and attractive rug at an affordable price.

It is made of polypropylene so you know it is long lasting and relatively easy to clean. A nice mix of mediterranean and technological design for your gaming rug.

CafePress – Gaming In Progress – Throw Rug

throw rug gaming

Specification and Features

Material: 100% heavy woven polyester
Dimensions: 5’x7′

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For the gamer who is more of a comedian, than a style guru we have this gaming rug by CafePress. This rug comes in bright yellow and red with the message of warning gaming in progress along with a topical joke I will let you explore.

With a size of 5′ 7′ you are getting a pretty large rug for a relatively low price around $110. It is made of a hundred percent woven polyester so you get a rug that is not too hard to clean and is also built to last.

There are many rugs out there that look better stylistically though so if you are interested then you must perk up at the idea of making anyone who sees it repay you with a little chuckle.

As far as pricing and size goes you won’t find many gaming rugs that make for a better deal. However you also get a rug that is kind of glaring so it might put some people off.

Society6 Zelda Shield Rug 4′ x 6′

zelda gaming rug

Specification and Features

Material: 100% heavy woven polyester
Dimensions: 4′ x 6′

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Never has the seal of Hyrule looked as gorgeous as it does in this stylish gaming rug. So while you wait for the day when Link comes to save the world from a great evil you can enjoy gaming on this radical rug.

It uses the classic design of the shield of Hyrule along with the colors of blue, and neon teal for a electric cool look that is sure to bring your eyes a ton of pleasure.

With a size measurement of four feet by six feet you have a pretty good sized rug that also brings along a great price. This rug will run you around $79 dollars, which is awesome for such a well sized beautiful gaming rug. Made of woven polyester for that extra durability and soft touch. This is an amazing value mixed with amazing design for the gamer who slays the darkness.

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