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Written by Gaming Gearoid

What kind of a person would want a gaming mini fridge?

Well, we can assume that you understand the importance of time along with the virtues of true sustainability. You know that it doesn’t come down to weeks, days, or hours. For you it’s about the minutes, the seconds, the milliseconds that separate you from the essential click or tap that defines victory.

You know that every moment wasted in gaming is a chance for the opponents you have left in the dust to claw their way back towards knocking you off the throne that you have put so much energy into conquering.

You my friend are a gamer and you understand what it takes to be the best. Beyond technical skill timing and willpower one obstacle continues to be a pain in your gut no matter how high you rise.

This my friend is the pain of hunger, the pain of thirst, and the pain of distance that all comes together as henchmen of time to ensure your demise.

We spend countless dollars on the right components like a monitor or a TV even the right gaming chair and the proper gaming desk that we forget all about the hunger factor.

Thankfully their is a solution, possibly even a solution to decimate the legion of time and continue on your way to gaming glory.

The answer is probably already in your domicile in one form or another. A free standing structure that can provide you with all the food and drink to persevere through any challenge.

Alas this mythic item we have named the refrigerator is large and unwieldy often calling it’s place of rest much too far from where your daily battle the swarms that encroach the land of the web.

In times of great trouble we call up the mantle of the undaunted mini gaming fridge.


Best Gaming Mini Fridge

MARVEL IRONMAN 4L ThermoelectricVery Portable4.7/5CHECK PRICE
Star Wars Darth Vader Unique Design4.5/5CHECK PRICE
Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCBLKVery Compact4.2/5CHECK PRICE
Nostalgia Coca-Cola SeriesBuilt-In Freezer4.0/5CHECK PRICE
Star Wars Han Solo 3DCompact4.0/5CHECK PRICE

Now that we are well educated on the features and functions of gaming mini fridges along with some buyer friendly information, lets get into some product reviews so we can end this guide feeling like a mini fridge know it all with the perfect one for you already on the way.

MARVEL IRONMAN 4L Thermoelectric Mini Gaming Fridge

gaming mini fridge


He was turned to steel, in the great magnetic field, I am Iron Man. Ok maybe not, but you will feel like you are at least connected with him with this gaming mini fridge.

Modeled after the helmet that Iron Man wears, this four liter mini fridge will handle your recharge mode. With a pretty low price, currently retailing for about $65, it feels like a pretty good bargain.

You wouldn’t expect to find a heating function in a model so cheap but we are dealing with Iron Man so heating should be a pretty minimal issue.

There is definitely something cool about grabbing a fresh slice of pizza out of Iron Man’s helmet. At around seven pounds, this fridge is light and portable connecting to your standard wall socket, or your car.

With a tray and space for up to six cans, this is a great fridge if you don’t need much space but just want a functional cool fridge with light up eyes.

Specification and Features

Size/Capacity: 6 cans of 12 oz soda / 4L/.14 cu ft.
Dimensions:  11.5″ high 7.5″ wide 11.5″ deep
Features: Can keep the food warm if switched off, connects to car.

gaming mini fridge


Star Wars Darth Vader Gaming Mini Fridge

mini gaming fridge


Here we have the king of all men in black dispensing your beverages, what could be better than that. This model is shaped like a rounded edged box featuring the visage of the most well known Sith in the galaxy’s history.

This is a smaller unit much like the previous Iron Man. It can store up to six cans and comes with a tray.

Also it is only a bit more pricey coming in with around a $70 price tag. Tt does it’s best not to disappoint you. This model features a heating function along with it’s cooling capabilities to suit your fancy.

Officially licensed after Star Wars, this 5.5 pound fridge is small and portable. It feature the ability to connect to a normal wall socket or your car as well. Perfect for the gamer who wants to keep fuel on hand with a bit of a dark side.

Specification and Features

Size/Capacity: 6 cans of 12 oz soda / 4L/.14 cu ft.
Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.6 x 11.8 in
Features: Can keep the food warm if switched off, connects to car.

mini gaming fridge


Nostalgia Electrics RRF300DNCBLK Compact Fridge

gaming fidge


Stepping away from the licensed merchandise, we have our first fridge with a more classic feel. This model looks nice and elegant in black and silver.

It kind of resembles a musician’s sound box or a mechanics tool chest.

Whatever it reminds you of, it looks great with an exterior beverage dispenser so you don’t even have to open it to quench your thirst.

A freezing compartment and a ice cube tray are included to keep your refreshment fresh. With 3.0 cubic feet of space and a modest price tag of about $150 for the features this is a good bargain.

It can hold up to 18 cans. It’s heavy at 60 pounds and only connects to wall sockets so it isn’t for portability.

Stylish and loaded with functionality, a great pickup for a dorm, bedroom, or your gaming rig.

Specification and Features

Size/Capacity: 3 cubic foot
Dimensions: 18.7 x 17.7 x 33.3 inches
Features: Adjustable thermostat dial control, Chrome dispenser w/ one-liter tank, Interior light, Freezer compartment, Ice cube tray

gaming fidge


Nostalgia Coca-Cola Series 3.2 Cubic Foot Refrigerator for Gamers – With a Freezer

mini fridge


Nostalgia returns with another large unit this time licensed by Coke.

It includes a bottle opener on the front for easy accessibility. This machine with it’s ole timey classic coke design is large enough to hold a lot of refreshment with 3.2 cubic feet of space.

This is essentially a large moving box. With a price of about $180, nostalgia and space are the main selling points.

It weighs 70 pounds so you won’t really be moving it anywhere.

With a freezing compartment included this is a stylish fridge that just happens to be mini. An adjustable thermostat just adds to the experience.

Specification and Features

Size/Capacity: 3.2 cubic foot
Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 31 in
Features: Interior door includes two shelves, can dispenser & 2 liter bottle storage, Adjustable thermostat dial control, Two slide-out glass shelves, Convenient bottle opener on door

mini fridge


STAR TREK BORG CUBE Light Up Refrigerator

star trek mini fridge


This is the perfect min gaming fridge for any Star Trek fan as it’s modeled after the Borg cube with incredible detailing.

People will expect you to pull out a massive energy source that just happens to be a Red Bull. The inside and outside glow with an alien green light, very cool.

It isn’t the largest fridge with only enough room for nine cans, but it does have both heating and cooling capabilities.

It also connects to the wall or your car for convenient portability. Everything about it is great except for the price which is about $200. That is pretty steep for it’s size. However any true Star Trek fan will more than appreciate it for the level of detail in its design.

Specification and Features

Size/Capacity: 11.5″ cubed
Dimensions: 6″ x 7.5″ x 8.25″
Features: Setting for cooling and setting for heating, can keep the food warm if switched off, connects to car. Heating Capability: approx. 131-149°F

star trek mini fridge


Star Wars Han Solo 12L 3D Mini Fridge

star wars mini fridge


Our final fridge takes freezing to another level as it features a design with the carbonite mold of Han Solo.

A silver box that includes red backlighting for the true frozen Han experience. On top of the design we also have a large model that can hold up to 18 cans.

Our only large model that can plug into the car or wall also has a conveniently light weight for its size at around 12 pounds.

The price is a bit high at about $200 though, the value is there in its size and design.

Complete with heating capabilities this is the perfect model for the avid Star Wars fan with Hutt like tendencies.

Specification and Features

Size/Capacity: 12L , 18 cans of beverage
Dimensions: 13 x 12.6 x 21 inches
Features: This Fridge heats and cools and can be plugged into your car

star wars mini fridge


A Few Reminders Before You Settle on the Fridge

The Style is a Reflection of Your Personality

Gaming Mini fridges differ greatly from their behemoth predecessors when it comes to the basics of style.

They transcend the laws of kitchen appliances that require them to adopt their plain color schemes such as white, black, and silver.

With this we reach the golden land of design, where we have a functional product that is only bound by the limits of creativity. Do you have a blue colored room along with a strong sense of justice and the American way?

There’s a Captain America mini fridge waiting for you. Perhaps you have a flare for the dramatic modeling your room after a journey through the vast reaches of space?

A Darth Vader mini fridge would feel right at home. Even if you prefer the more classic style of maybe just some silver on black, there is a mini fridge for you.

How Big is Your Gut Size?

You probably are not buying a mini Gaming fridge to take up a lot of room but still it’s important to know what you are getting at different sizes.

The size will decide how much of that flavorful goodness you can fit in your fridge. These things can get pretty small or decently large depending on capabilities.

From the size of a 3D sheet of paper that can only hold six cans and weighs six pounds to large fridges, there area  lot of options.

We have mini-fridges that are double that size and allow for refrigerated and frozen produce that weigh seventy plus pounds. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking for.

When shopping, look for how many cubic feet of storage your fridge provide, if you can’t find that, check out how many liters the model can store, and finally if you cant find that info look at the dimensions, and at the very least how many cans they claim the model can hold.

Are Features Important to You?

Queue the hip hop air horn because this is always the section that separates the pretenders from the suspenders, as in suspending your disbelief because you are so surprised at your fridges functionality.

You thought you’d never revere a fridge but did you know that some of them can be plugged into your car?! This is actually a pretty basic function you should look for in case if you game in your car or your RV.

There are a few perks to look out for. Starting with the basics shelfs and freezers, it’s important to know that not all mini fridges have shelfs and even fewer have freezers.

Some go as far as also including a thermostat that you can control. Certain themes of gaming mini fridge have cool lighting effects when you open them increasing the appeal.

Finally probably the coolest feature you will see is some models is have a drink dispenser on the outside allowing you to load up and release fresh drinks at will.

How Deep is Your Pocket?

Not going to spend too much time here as we all know that it is eternally the most depressing part of any purchase.

That being said mini gaming fridges come in pretty wide range. Starting at around $50 dollars though you can find some for less we have the most basic models under a hundred.

For these models we are looking at mostly the six can storage variety.

Freezer capabilities will be pretty much non existent and even heating functionality might be hard to find.

Even still, you can find a nice stylish model that fits your persona in this range. Mini fridges for gamers generally max out around $200 dollars so anything past that better be loaded.

Mini fridges in the under 200 range will offer much more storage capacity as compared to those that are under a hundreds. You should expect at least heating and cooling functionality but the main sticking points will be the look, and how much you can store.

Gaming Mini Fridge the True Saviors

These patrons of refreshment can provide the key factors of their predecessors while also being portable, stylish, and most importantly convenient.

For a gamer there is not much worse than attempting an epic conquest and being slaughtered in the final moments because you ran out of energy.

A good mini gaming fridge allows you to stay invigorated throughout your journey’s without any need to stop and walk like some plebeian for sustenance.

Your food is on hand as well as your drinks guaranteeing that when you want to marathon, the only thing stopping you is your imaginary finish line.

Which, if you are like me, extends indefinitely until I am besieged by the dreaded RL (Real Life, but you know this).

Being ready with all the essential gaming gear can make a huge different in your overall experience of gaming. There are many gamer-centric items that you can look into other than just a gaming mini fridge.


So here we looked at the devices that can potentially save you from going hungry every single time. A gaming mini fridge from this list would remind you of your favorite characters or scene for a movie or game. At the same time, they would be available every single time to chill your beverages and keep your food cold whenever needed.

Let us face it, during an intense gaming session. It becomes almost impossible to get up from your chair and go to the kitchen to grab a bite. So what would you do when you are running low on energy and cannot pause the game at the same time. Well, you will be in a bad mood. This would result in more error, which in turn would incite raging.

It is all a vicious cycle. A hungry gamer is not a happy gamer. Save yourself from the trouble, and get a mini gaming fridge that suits your taste.

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