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Gaming bean bag chair is something that many console gamers sought out. We know that for laid back gamer, there is nothing more comfortable than a bean bag because you can sit, sleep and relax on it. It is an all in one comfort experience.

Nowadays, gaming isn’t as simple as it used to be. It requires you to invest considerable amount of time to really enjoy it. Games are becoming trickier and more and more addictive with time.

This has led most gamers to look for various things that can make them comfortable including the desks for gaming, seats for gaming, a professional IPS gaming monitor or a beautiful TV on a proper stand as well as various decorative elements like lamps and even fridges etc.

The best available chairs to sit and play for as long as they want without getting tired are one such item type. For such purposes, one of the best types of chairs to consider is the gaming bean bag chairs as they are just too comfortable and provide you with enough space to keep your eatables.

If you want to know better then read on as we examine 8 top quality gaming bean bag chairs.

Best Gaming Bean Bag Chair Reviews

Now we will look at some of the best gaming bean bag chairs. We will look at small sized that are suitable for a single person and large sized suitable for more than two people to fit in comfortably.

Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon – Large Gaming Bean Bag Chair

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The first gaming bean bag chair that we are going to review is Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon. Being 20 inches tall and having a diameter of 6 feet, this chair is considered to be a giant. It can nearly accommodate any person and is so comfy that people find it very hard to not fall asleep while lying on it.

In addition, it has sufficient space to hold controllers, eatables and headphones which makes it even more fitting for a gamer. The large bean bag chair for adults is filled with polyurethane foam that provides enough strength to hold enormous masses whilst staying soft.

Moreover, spilling your drink on Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon isn’t a problem as it comes with a Microsuede cover that is removable and machine-washable.

Despite seeming like a perfect gaming chair, this bean chair doesn’t come without any problems. As a result of its huge size, it covers a lot of ground and you need considerable space to fit it.

Furthermore, it weighs 58 pounds which explains why you can’t move it alone and probably need two to three people to help you move it. Plus, it takes nearly a day to get it ready for use as it has to be set up. Hence it isn’t a buy for gamers who don’t have enough space in their gaming rooms.

Big Joe XXL Fuf In Comfort Suede

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Big Joe XXL Fuf in Comfort Suede is next up for discussion. As the name suggests, this is one huge Gaming Bean Bag Chair that is even longer than the one reviewed above.

It is 7 feet in diameter and almost 30 inches high which enables it to have room for as many as three full grown up adults. You could set it up in your gaming room and play multiplayer games with your friends easily. Also, this gaming bean bag chair comes at a very reasonable price.

So if you want a cheap gaming set up, then Big Joe XXL Fuf should definitely be on your list.  But, you should be a little careful as this chair will give you some troubles. Firstly, most people complain that it doesn’t contain memory foam, instead it contains Styrofoam.

This makes it uncomfortable and unusable for gaming purposes. Secondly, it is very heavy and almost impossible to move alone as it weighs 80 pounds. Last but not the least, it doesn’t not have a removable cover because of which it is a bit problematic to keep it clean.

Chill Bag Bean Bag

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The third bean bag that we’re going to review is the Chill Bag Bean Bag. This one is really big too, at 7 feet. Because of this, it can accommodate two people or more easily. It’s got a removable Microsuede cover, which is super silky and washable, too!

The Chill Bag contains a furniture-grade memory foam blend, which makes it very cozy. However, my favorite part is that it comes in 11 colors, such as chocolate, earth, purple and pebble red. That means it’s suitable for all kinds of gaming rooms. Now let’s move on to the cons of the Chill Bag.

The most noticeable con is that the memory foam filling sometimes doesn’t fill the bag as well as shown online. Another disadvantage is that you have to flip the bean bag every week to redistribute the foam. But all in all, if you want a huge, comfy place to play your favorite video game, the Chill Bag Bean Bag’s for you!

Sofa Sack-Bean Bag Pillow

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The fourth bean bag on the list is the Sofa Sack Bean Bag Pillow This one is 5 feet long, but still offers lots of comfort. That brings us to the filling, which isn’t beans but a blend of memory foam that offers maximum luxury.

The cover of the Sofa Sack- Bean Bag pillow is made of soft yet tough fabric, which won’t tear easily. This bean bag comes in 10 colors, such as navy blue, chocolate, olive and royal blue. Another big plus is that this pillow bean bag can be turned upright to be used as a chair!

So it’s ideal for console and PC gaming, too. Now let’s see if there’s any demerits to buying the Sofa Sack. One big minus is that the packaging which this bean bag comes in is really hard to open, and gamers say it takes a lot of time to unzip it.

Also, due to the size, only one person can sit on this bean bag. But aside from that, the Sofa Sack Bean Bag Pillow is a great option for a gaming looking to upgrade their gaming furniture.

Jaxx Bean Bag Sofa. 4-feet

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Next up, we’ve got the Jaxx Bean Bag to look at. This one looks more like a sofa than a bean bag, as it’s shaped like a log. The Jaxx Bean Bag’s ideal for small spaces as it is only 4 feet long, but still offers lots of comfort. The filling consists of thinly shredded polyurethane foam, which is far more comfortable than normal beans.

It comes in 12 colors, such as dark denim, chocolate, fuchsia and charcoal.  Additionally, it comes with a removable Microsuede cover that’s machine-washable. The Jaxx Bean Bag also has a zipper that makes it easy to refill the bag. Now, let’s see the drawbacks of buying a Jaxx Bean Bag.

Customers have reported that it isn’t easy to fill the bag, and if you’re not careful, the filling’s going to spill all over the floor. But if you want a space-efficient yet cozy bean bag for gaming, this one’s for you.

Sofa Sack-Bean Bag Chair

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After that, we’ve got the Sofa Sack-Bean Bag Chair. Though it might seem pretty similar to the fourth bean bag that we have discussed, it’s quite different. First of all, it is not a pillow but a chair. This is something that makes it relatively more apt for gaming purposes as compared to the Sofa Sack- Bean Bag Pillow.

Sofa Sack-Bean Bag Chair comes in a charcoal color and is heavier than its pillow version. It weighs 54 pounds and has a diameter of 5 feet. The thing is definitely not portable as it is difficult to move around.

Apart from this, the Gaming Bag Chair is filled with chunks of memory foam that provide it enough strength to hold heavy weights. Also, it is covered with soft suede which is the reason why it is one of the most durable

Gaming Bean Bag chairs on our list. Anybody who loves to play single-player games will love it as you can sit in it in an upright posture. This helps you to not develop any sort of backaches while playing for a long period of time. One of the worst things about this chair is that its cover and the inner lining is not washable. This forces you to find unorthodox ways to clean your Sofa Sack-Bean Bag Chair.

Fugu Bean Bag Chair


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The seventh bean bag that we’re going to review is the Fugu Bean Bag Chair. This bean bag chair is available in many different sizes, such as 4, 5 or 8 feet. Also, this bean bag chair is filled with long, soft pillow filaments that make it really cozy and easy to even sleep in.

These filaments keep the bean bag firm and off the floor, so it’s perfect for all types of gamers. The Fugu Bean Bag is available in 15 vibrant colors, such as olive, green, pink and orange. It includes a removable Microsuede cover that’s easy to keep clean and adds durability to the bean bag, too.

Now, let’s see the disadvantages of buying a Fugu Bean Bag Chair. Gamers often say that the filling of this bean bag sticks to the inside of the bag and remains like that if you don’t move it around.

Despite that, the Fugu Bean Bag Chair is a really great buy for any gamers who want to be comfy while they play.

Lumaland Oversized Gaming Bean Bag Chair

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The last Gaming Bean Bag Chair that we’ll review is Oversized Blue Bean Bag Chair. This is the lightest and the cheapest bean bag on our list by a mile. It has been designed especially so that it is lightweight and offers as much comfort as any other bean bag in the world.

It weighs only 12 pounds that results in a bag that is extremely easy to move. To get an idea of how light it is, you should know that it can even be moved around by four year olds. And because of the fact that it can be bought for only $95, makes it very reasonable to buy for building a gaming room.

Other than that, as it takes less space, you don’t necessarily need a big gaming room to fit it in. In addition, its slip cover is removable and washable that takes off the burden of cleaning it. On the downside, it only has a diameter of 2 feet so adults can’t lay on it.

Moreover, it can’t hold heavy weights as it doesn’t contain enough beans and foam. So if you are a bit overweight and want to play while lying on a chair, then this isn’t the bag that you should buy.

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