Best Gaming Lamp for Your Gamer Cave

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Gaming lamp is an essential piece for your gamers cave. Like the steampunk lamps, these lamps help you customize your gaming lair.

Any gamer who has journeyed through a dark poorly lit area knows how important a good light source is to enjoying your experience. Gamer’s lamps come in a variety of designs and looks that bring a taste of our favorite worlds.

You need to have a lamp that represents you not only to be able to see better but also to add that extra flair to your environment that these gamer lamps can bring. Whether you want multiple colors, cool lighting effects, your favorite series, or complete customization the world of gaming lamps is vast.

If you serious about developing a gaming cave, then getting the right gaming chair and gaming desk isn’t just enough, you have to decorate it accordingly as well.

This guide is for you to find the perfect lamp for your that enhance your gaming experience to a level that you thought was unprecedented.

List of Various Gaming Lamp

Here is our selection of the best gaming lamp that  you can find based on the selected theme.

Star Wars Lamp

Star Wars Desk Lamp, White/Blue

star wars lamp

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It may not jump out at you right away but a name with multiple numbers is perfect for a lamp that resembles the most lovable character in the history of Star Wars. Only one character transcends speech to where a series of whirring and beeps can inspire laughter, joy, or fear.

R2 D2 is eternal and now you can bring the most well known robot in the world to your gaming desk with this stylish lamp. With a price around $40 dollars you won’t be hurting to bring a piece of Star Wars home.

This lamp uses high quality materials with a combination of plastic and steel for a decently durable build. Whether you are a grown up gamer or looking for a perfect gift to liven up a kids Star Wars themed room this makes a great desk lamp for any Star Wars fan at a good price.

Star Wars Deluxe Lightsaber Room Light

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Staying with the Star Wars theme we move away from the desk and into the realm of cool that only a saber made of light can create.

This gaming lamp claims to be a 25 inch model replica of a Lightsaber that brings the user all the options of the force. Switch between eight different saber colors with a convenient handheld remote for whatever mood you are feeling at the moment.

This Lightsaber light mounts on your wall bringing you utility along with an out of the way trophy-esque appeal. With a price around $27 dollars this light is pretty affordable. However this light much like the force is not quite what you would expect.

The actual design comes out to around a foot and the build quality is not great. The biggest issue is it does not have a wall plug and requires five AAA batteries to stay lit. It is a pretty cool idea but since it is not to scale and has a few issues you may not enjoy it as much as you could.

Tetris Lamp

Mega 28 pcs set Stackable Lamp

tertris lamp

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For the more creative gamer who wants a light source that just plain looks cool we have this model by Tactbit. When I say model though it is really so much more as this lamp set allows you to organize and remodel the individual lights into multiple different displays.

Whether you want to make a heart, cross, robot, or even puppy the only limit to your design is your own imagination. Each individual light can be rearranged and light up upon connecting.

These LED lights emit a warm glow that will add some flavor to your gaming room. With a price around $120 it is on the pricier side of the gaming light spectrum. However there are not many more unique ways to light up an area than this 28 piece USB lamp set.

Super Mario Lamp

Paladone Super Mario Question Block Night Light

super mario lamp

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While it won’t pop out mushrooms, fire flowers, and invincibility stars this light is still a great buy for any hardcore Super Mario fan.

This Question Block night light resembles the blocks Mario is classically known for smashing to get his numerous power ups. The authentic yellow pixellated design is sure to add a unique flair to any environment.

Lighting up with USB or batteries this light has a convenient touch on and off switch so you can pop it for power on just like your boy Mario.

Priced at around $28 dollars this is a pretty affordable light source for any Nintendo fan. Hats off to Paladone for creating the perfect utility light for any plumber with aspirations to save the princess from another castle.

Fantasy Lamp

Electric LED Potion Desk Lamp Changing Color

best gaming lamp

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It does not take a lot of gaming to realize the significance of a properly timed potion so why not have a potion always on hand.

This lamp is sure to please RPG players as it resemble one of the most iconic tools in all of gaming complete with a cork to plug it up. Available in red, green, blue, or yellow this potion lamp produces a nice, warm, etheric glow that will set the mood of your gaming expedition.

The color of the liquid is bright and vibrant with a cool rotating color mode for those who can’t settle on just one.

With a price around $64 dollars it is not too expensive for a lamp that is about as stylish as you will ever find in a potion. With a USB connection for power this is a great lamp for dungeon trekkers who want a nice source of ambient light in their gaming.

Angel and Demon Wings Crystal Pendant

angel and demons lamp

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For the gamer searching for a truly unique light source we have this angel or demon wing crystal pendant.

Even though gamers are not known for going outside this light features natural crystals that will actually get more powerful if you charge them up with sunlight.

The design is modeled after angel or demon wings to your preference. You can also charge them with normal house light, but it is really cool to have a light that is charged by other light as opposed to boring old batteries or wall plugs.

Every intense gamer needs a reminder to go outside from time to time so why not put that into your lamp. With a price around $28 dollars this light is pretty affordable and definitely deserves a look if you want a creative light source.

Game of Thrones Lamp

Cool Game of Thrones Longclaw Desk Lamp

game of thrones lamp

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If Winter is coming is your creed to existence then here is a interesting lamp for any gamer who follows along the story of house Stark. This lamp features a shade that sports the symbol of house Stark in the cool grey and silver of a house that has protected the domain of men for centuries.

The really cool part about this lamp however is the Longclaw sword replica that serves as this lamps body. Inserted into a stone just like all legendary swords are supposed to be.

This lamp plugs directly into your wall for an easy setup with the Lord of Light. With a price around $85 dollars it is a bit steep but makes up for it with its intricate design. If you need a weapon on hand for any pesky wights this makes for a really sweet desk lamp.

Star Trek Lamp

Star Trek Borg 16 Color Mood Light

star trek lamp

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If you believe in the ideals of assimilating anything than everything you are either a Borg or the perfect buyer for this desk lamp. It is modeled after the Borg cube from Star Trek and features a variety of features worthy of a technologically advance race.

The design of this light is incredibly intricate to resemble alien technology. This cube works on a rechargeable battery that gives you up to eight hours of life. Other than the design the coolest thing about this light is it capable of emitting 16 different colors that you can control by remote.

You can then turn that light into numerous effects including flashing, strobe, fading or smooth. A bit over a foot so it won’t take up too much space. This Borg tech will run you around $100 dollars so it is only for the most resolute in their assimilation conviction. However if you are looking for a light that radiates cool you have found it.

Doctor Who Lamp

Doctor Who Flashing Tardis Pattern Table Lamp

doctor who lamp

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Time travelers rejoice this Doctor Who styled lamp will make a great addition to your quest to save history even if it only involves beating a final boss.

The main feature of this lamp is the base modeled after Tardis everyone’s favorite time traveling phone booth. The appeal however extends to the lamp shade which features a gorgeous abstract depiction of Tardis’s travel through time that resembles Vincent Van Gogh’s A Starry Night with it’s use of swirls and melding of colors.

This lamp is complete with sound effects and a flashing function to get you into the mood. With a price around $75 dollars it is not cheap but perfectly reasonable for a licensed lamp that brings so much style.

Even if it wasn’t based on something this lamp would still look great so it is definitely worth a Doctor Who fans time to take a look.

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