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Best VA Gaming Monitor 2017 | Vertical Alignment Panel

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Your search for the right display has brought you to finding the best VA gaming monitor right? It gets really complicated really quickly when you are searching for the best way to visually experience your gaming. Certain types of screens are better for different types of viewing so you need to know what it the most important.

This gets even more hectic when your dealing with products where high quality is shared among all of different brands. Prices don’t always tell you the full story on what you are getting out of your chosen gaming monitor.

Thankfully for you we have guides like this that will break it down simply with multiple options so you can find the best monitor for you. Here we are focused on VA monitors or Vertical Alignment in layman’s terms.

What is a VA Gaming Monitor?

The most troubling quandary here is what makes vertical alignment special when compared to other monitor types. The two main high quality middle of the line panels for  monitors are VA and IPS.

These constitute the majority of high quality screens for people who are willing to spend the money for premier visuals but also don’t want to break the bank for top of the line merchandise.

Vertical alignment refers to how the pixels are arranged on the screen as opposed to IPS’s horizontal alignment they each have their own peaks and valleys.

IPS screens are nice because they allow you to view your entertainment from a wide angle without any drop off in picture quality. This means they excel for wide open rooms and are a bit more general of a pick than VA monitors.

Superior Contrast Ratio

VA monitors beat out IPS in a few of the most important area. While you will get picture drop off at extreme angles which might also effect users who want to get in real close. On the other hand you get a much improved contrast ratio thanks to VA so your colors will stick out a bit better and you will be able to perceive dark colors much easier.

These are the type of monitors that prevent wash out and give you a superior picture especially if you like watching movies. So to put it simply anyone might like an IPS, but people who really want great picture from their fixed viewing location will take VA every time.

There is also a third type of panel called the TN panel. In fact, TN panels were the most famous types of panels until IPS started taking over. They are still manufactured today. Their biggest advantage is the fast response time. For hardcore gamers, that is an essential requirement.

Best VA Gaming Monitor for 2017

Now that you know why you want a VA monitor we can dig into the different qualities they bring alongside the VA so you can stop reading and start watching.

Remember, that getting a gaming monitor is just one way you can enhance your gaming experience. There are other ways like investing in the right type of gaming desk, a suitable gaming chair as well as other decorative elements like gaming lamps, gaming TV stand and even gaming fridge.

We can run through this quickly so we can get to the reviews. This is a bit of a walk through so when we get there you are not left in the dust with the terminology. The main things to look for outside of brand are size, response time, and resolution.

For each of these there are about three tiers that will be more apparent as you read along. So with a focus on whats important lets get into the individual models.

Ultrawidescreen VA Gaming Monitor (21:9 ratio)

You will notice that VA panels are mostly found in the Ultrawidescreen monitor. These are the monitor with 21:9 aspect ratio.

Why get multiple monitor when you can just get one extra wide monitor? Let us have a look at a few.

Acer XZ 35″ (UM.CX0AA.001)

va gaming monitor


Our first model comes from Acer who is well known for their computer monitors so you shouldn’t be surprised to find that this one brings excellent quality along with its utility. T

The design isn’t too flashy with just enough appeal to make you realize it could be a bit more than a cool curved monitor. It is capable of widescreen HD at 2560 by 1080 resolution for a great picture that minimizes on the downsides that can come with getting up close with a VA screen.

With a 144 hz top speed and a impressive refresh rate at the huge 35 inch size this monitor could easily cost $800 but is only around $600 representing some tremendous value for the savvy shopper.

This is the unassuming giant where you really can’t go wrong. As far as high quality at an affordable price we have a solid winner here.

AOC AG352QCX 35″

best VA gaming monitor


AOC is not your standard monitor company, they are a company that is focused on created high level gaming technology so at the very least you know you will be getting a quality experience even if the premium price tag happens to come with it.

This monitor will run you around $800 dollars so you would expect it to be top of the line. You won’t be disappointed here either as this monitor has a super sleek design full of stylized points to make people turn their heads from the crescent moon base to the streamlined back.

If picture quality is all the matters though with a curved wide screen 2560 by 1080 resolution it looks great and performs well with a 200 hz refresh rate. High speed, high immersion, high price.

AOC C3583FQ 35″ VA Curved



This AOC dials the specs back a bit in comparison to the last one but still delivers a nice mix of substance and quality. This time you can just find it with a few less bells and whistles and a couple less hundreds of dollars.

This VA gaming monitor around $600 gives you great picture quality on a curved widescreen ultra hd display. It isn’t quite as sharp design wise but still has its own professional all black style that should look great anywhere.

Simplistic yet elegant setting a nice bar that every mid ranged VA monitor should dream of reaching.

Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved

Samsung CF791


From one of the kings of technology this monitor is at the very least guaranteed to be gorgeous with Samsung’s attention to detail. The price is a bit high in the low $900’s especially when you consider the response time is 4 ms with a 100 hz refresh rate.

Those are low numbers when compared to lower priced monitors at a similar size. This monitor makes up for this with adaptability to run at ultra wide screen and still kick it up to 4K HD.

With stunning visuals and an array of versatility this makes a good buy for the customer who wants to see the peak of the VA spectrum without stepping into the domain of OLED. However this screen is better with stunning slow images than hyper fast action sequences.

Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz 35″ Curved 1800R QHD

Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz


Our final entry for ultrawide VA gaming monitor shows Acer’s attempt at a top of the line VA gaming monitor and it definitely delivers. With the best angle coverage you will find on a VA monitor this is a truly immersive screen capable of reaching 4K ultra HD resolution.

A nice stylistic design highlights the overall appeal of this monitor. The 4 ms response time and 100 hz refresh rate are a bit lacking however though that is the price you pay for 4K at this point in time without breaking into the vault.

This monitor will still run you around $1100 dollars so it is not for the faint of heart. Still an excellent model for the customer who demands visual acuity with some nice Nvidia GSync capabilities.

Widescreen VA Gaming Monitor (16:9 ratio)

The are the monitor with the conventional aspect ratio i.e. 16:9. However, you will realize here that VA monitors are generally quite large in screen size.

OMEN by HP 32-inch QHD Display

hp omen 32


A funny thing happens when generic companies like HP give their products questionable names like OMEN. Personally for me it makes me think oh man because these are normally clever attempts to market decent products to any customer.

You are supposed to think oh I know that brand and this product looks a lot more unique than their other stuff so this is probably a great deal. Usually the focus on looking cool leave it lacking in comparison to the competition and thats a bit of the case here.

Pretty stylish but the 5 ms response time and 75 hz refresh rate while above average leave something to be desired in comparison to the competition. However a price around $400 means you still can’t really go wrong for a middle of the line product.

Philips BDM4037UW 40-Inch Curved 4K

Philips BDM4037UW


Philips is synonymous with long standing strength and quality while also being priced a step below the top level of competition.

This remains the case here with a humongous 40 inch VA gaming monitor that brings along our first 4K ultra HD screen of the list. This means you get a resolution of 3840 by 2160 for the top current tier of resolution.

Most programs are not made to run that high but this sit you in a good spot moving foreward so you won’t need to upgrade anytime soon.

Which is especially nice when you consider this models price around $840. 4 ms response time and built in speakers this is the model for the consumer who is looking to bridge the gap into the future.

BenQ EX3200R Black 31.5”

BenQ EX3200R


Coming in right around $400 this VA gaming monitor shows a bit more of the value you should be looking for in a monitor at this range.

Fast response time, and refresh rate allow this monitor to match right up with its larger competition. The only downside is the brand which doesn’t have as much trust built up over time.

However BenQ is a computer brand and they create quality merchandise at an affordable price. If you are looking to spend a lower amount of money this is probably the first monitor you should look toward. You get all the curves and great resolution while only giving up some style and name recognition.

BenQ GW2760HS 27-inch FHD

BenQ GW2760HS


You can’t have a good list without making a stop at the bottom of the barrel to see what we are working with.

This BenQ monitor brings you the basics of VA with a lower 27 inch size and visuals stopping right at the industry standard of full HD. Still you get a connective monitor that gives you the great picture quality and contrast of vertical alignment at a much more affordable range.

This monitor starts around $300 setting a good baseline as far as style and visuals to compare against the competition.

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