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When it comes to high quality gaming you will find that you need fast 1ms gaming monitor. For hardcore competitive gamers it becomes almost a definitive requirement to get a monitor with fast response time.

Monitor is, no doubt, one of the crucial elements of a great gaming setup. You need to make sure that you invest in a proper monitor for the best gaming experience.

The best 1ms gaming monitor are just one example of a particular type of gaming monitors. You can find many others like monitor with high refresh, monitor with IPS panels or VA panels etc.

Here we talk specifically about 1ms gaming monitor.

Alternatively, you can also check out gaming TVs that you can hand on a proper gaming stand if you are a console player. Furthermore, a rig is incomplete with a proper desk. You can check different types of desks like corner gaming desk, wooden gaming desk etc here.

The Benefit

For fast moving graphics in racing games or quick twitch, response times in a first person shooter there is nothing that decides the difference between first place and the rest like the ability to see things a bit quicker than your competition.

The majority of players will be working with a 5 ms response time, while others might splurge a bit more for 4 ms response time. However at the pinnacle of response times we have 1 ms which is not quite as pricey as you might think for the top end response time.

The Drawback

What you sacrifice for that speed becomes the biggest issue in an attempt to get the most value with your speed you need a guide to help you find the best monitor for you.

With a focus on response time the resolution and size of your monitor will dip from the 30 inch range to the low twenties so you can find the screen that is streamlined for high level gaming.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the color quality. The best 1ms gaming monitor are all based on TN panel technology. You cannot find such a fast response time on the color rich and vibrant IPS panels.

What are these monitor for?

These are not the type of monitor that are made for watching television or movies though they will still work well for that. These are monitors made by computer companies that are truly focused on giving you the best gaming experience you can find at a price you can afford.

If you are not looking to get into the nitty gritty to find the best monitor this guide will still make it easy for you to discern the proper screen for you with allowances for whatever the rest of your hardware provides.

Best 1ms Gaming Monitor 2017 Review

So without further ado lets dive into the best 1ms gaming monitor on the market so we can make the search less of a hassle, and you can jump right into the fun part that is the gaming experience they provide.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD 28-Inch FreeSync 1ms Gaming Monitor 2017

best 1 ms gaming monitor

Our first model comes from ASUS a well known company in the market of computer monitors. Asus is in a nice groove as a company that focuses mainly on their monitors sitting near the middle of the pack. This monitor does ot have much to do as far as style goes with a plain base that belies the nice 28 inch size of this monitor.

The best part of this monitor is its 4K ultra HD abilities at a somewhat affordable price. This model will run you around $450 which is on the lower end for a 4K monitor. When you throw in the 1ms response time the value is quite apparent.

This is a monitor that is extremely maneuverable with adjustment functions that range from the physical to the visual with the adaptability to view it in any position, and use the intuitive control features to get a great picture. Adaptive sync works as ASUS own watered down version of syncing with your video card.

This is a monitor that looks like its made for the professional but underneath the surface is loaded with gaming features and a top tier max resolution. Sometimes you can hide tremendous value in a unassuming package and this is a perfect example of that.

AOC G2460PF 24-Inch Professional Gaming LED Monitor Free Sync, 144 hz

1 ms gaming monitor

AOC is a gaming company through and through so it is not much of a surprised to find this 24 inch monitor packing a bit more than you would expect. Gamer’s love easter eggs, this is a pretty decent monitor for the customer who wants a high quality smooth experience but is perfectly happy with just normal HD.

The resolution here is only 1920 by 1080 though we make up for this with impressive speed. To back up the 1 millisecond response time we also have a 144 hz refresh rate so jumpy action will be a thing of the past.

With a pretty good brightness score and a tremendous contrast ratio this is a monitor made so everyone can experience nice smooth visuals without breaking the bank as long as they are happy with standard HD.

AMD Freesync technology and a load of connectivity options combine with everything else for a nice gamer’s starting monitor with its price around $200 dollars you can game at a highly efficient rate with a low risk price.

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR 27″ 2560×1440 1ms 165Hz G-SYNC Eye Care Gaming Monitor

gaming monitor fast response time

ASUS returns to show off what the higher end of the spectrum can do as the top dog on our list of 1ms gaming monitors. This monitor packs a widescreen quality high definition resolution of 2560 by 1440 so we do stop a step short of 4K HD so ASUS makes it up in other areas.

The 165 hz refresh rate is extremely fast so you can max out your frames per second without any choppy imaging. Coupled with the 1ms response time and G-Sync capabilities, if you have a NVidia card get ready for a fantastic free flowing gaming experience whether you are playing frantic cut scenes or high speed racing, if you miss a beat it won’t be the monitors fault.

Of course for all of this and a 27 inch screen you have a pricey tag around $650. If you want high quality gaming that shouldn’t bother you because this monitor is close to perfect and will look great as part of a professional level gaming setup.

ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor [VG245H] 1080p


Here we have another amazing 1ms gaming monitor that shows what ASUS can do for the gamer’s first gaming monitor and it is pretty impressive. The design of this model is quite detailed for a low end monitor so that’s the first big plus.

Freesync capabilities allow the monitor to work better with your AMD video card. This monitor does a good job of rounding the bases providing all of the basics a gamer needs in their monitor.

We start with the basic 1920 by 1080 of full HD and a refresh rate of 75 hz. Both of these are just about what you would expect for a monitor that costs a step below $200 dollars. Then we are loaded with a couple HDMI ports and display ports for some versatility.

Finally we have a host of eye care features to help you stay strong in those extended marathon sessions. Between this one and the above AOC the main questions to sway you are design style and eye care features versus higher level specs.

BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor RL2455

BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor RL2455

We can’t have a real competition at the 24 inch range without BenQ throwing their hat into the fray. This full HD monitor has just enough with it to make you really think hard on which way you want to go.

With a similar resolution the big thing here is BenQ’s color technology focused on sharp visual clarity. It is also packed with connectivity and a ton of customization that allows you to adjust the screen for the type of gaming you are doing whether it’s FPS, RTS, or MMO you can scale the screen to your preference.

This might be the best of the bunch with its eye care features as well. If you don’t need the freesync or you have an NVidia with its customization this 24 inch is probably your best bet.

ViewSonic XG2401 24″ 144Hz 1ms 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor HDMI, DisplayPort

ViewSonic XG2401

Our next 24 inch competitor comes from Viewsonic and probably is the most stylish of the group with red accents. They don’t go all the way here though mixing the professional and the stylistic.

This monitor does bring the strongest contrast ratio of the group and also comes with the highest price tag. Sitting around $250 it might not have enough to steer you away from its competition.

At this point freesync is semi standard and the 144 hz refresh rate is high but nothing too out of the ordinary. We do have some nice connectivity and adjustability for a good overall package. The only real issue here is it doesn’t have a key feature that makes the price difference matter other than a few design points.

BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor RL2460


The other BenQ from the ZOWIE line you will have to fork over an extra twenty bucks for this model so the big question is what it brings over the older model.

The answer is not that much, from the response time to the resolution the majority of this model is identical right down to the eye care technology and the visual clarity adjustments. The feature that differentiates this model is its HDMI output for lag free multiple monitor experiences.

While the last BenQ is made to be a casual gamers primary monitor this one can do that as well as being a hardcore gamers second monitor. This makes this monitor the best 24 inch choice if you plan to use multiple monitors in the future.

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