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Best Wooden Gaming Desk 2017 | Buying Guide

wooden gaming desk
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The search for the best wooden gaming desk ends here.

As sure as birds feel at home in the air and fish belong in the sea, a computer needs a great surface in order for the user to operate at their highest capabilities and efficiency. This goes for anyone trying to get work done or more importantly anyone who wants to slay some scrubs. Any level of gamer will appreciate a good environment to game in and your desk is the pillar that everything else rests on.

Fortunately for you, we here at Gaming Gearoid are adept at understanding the gamer’s needs. Knowing there are many kinds of creative products out there, you are bound to find one that suits your room’s decor and your needs. However, here in this article we are more focused on the best wooden gaming desks only.

Of course, there are tons of worktables that you can browse through in the market, but which ones are the best? Thankfully, rather than wading through the abyss that is one of the most confounding issues in a gamers life.

Here we have a definitive guide on what really matters when purchasing a wooden gaming desk. So please join me on the journey as we go down an undisturbed rabbit hole that will reveal the answer to the sustainable domination every gamer desires.

General Information

Why Wood?

Wood has been the choice for furniture since centuries. Their resilience and longevity needs no introduction. Not only is wood a highly durable material, it holds an aesthetic appeal that none other does. It is such a moldable material that you can get wood in almost all shapes and sizes. You can find all sorts of products including, L shaped gaming deskcorner gaming desks, large gaming desk, and many other shapes.

It blends well with the environment, it has a natural beauty surrounding it. It is simple yet elegant and since no two furniture can have the same grain density and pattern, you can be sure your item is unique.

Currently some of the most expensive furniture that can be bought is wooden furniture.

It’s a Must for a Classy Gamer

Wood speaks of class, but other than that, it has several practical applications. They are durable and tough. This is especially true if you have a big setup.

As compared to plastic, these are far better. For starters, they do not have the cheap feel to it. Not only is plastic not eco-friendly, it lacks the durability and longevity that a true gamer would seek in his/her setup.


Here we have a selection of some of the best out there. Some are wide while some are small. Some are cheap; whereas, others are expensive. However, they are all among the best reviewed and most praised wooden gaming desks.

If you have a multiple monitor setup, it is recommended that you choose are a desk with wider surface area.

Best Wooden Gaming Desk Reviews

Now for the reviews, here are eight of the best valued. So lets get started; those dungeons aren’t going to be open to raiding forever, lets talk about that loot.

Rectangular Shaped Wooden Desks

These are the classical worktables. They are simple, affordable, and can fit almost anywhere. Rectangle shaped are the most common for any computer settings.

1. Sauder Simple Rectangular Desk

computer desk

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This  has nice classic rustic feel to it with it’s brushed maple finish. It’s not the most innovative of designs, but the defining feature this is simplicity.

This model is currently priced around $200 dollars which is a pretty nice deal for a good piece of furniture that also holds your supreme machine.

It has a slide out keyboard and mouse tray on metal runners with stoppers so you don’t accidentally drop your board on the floor.

It also features a grommet hole to keep your cords not only out of the way but safe from getting torn up. Two drawers, one a sizable file drawer and a cabinet allow you to easily store your machine out of site.

The dimensions are 59 x 23.5 x 29 giving you a nice almost 5 feet of surface area. It does weigh 123 pounds though so it is definitely not portable. This has a 5 year limited warranty as well. Overall we have a nice quality station that should look and work great for it’s price, most importantly it feels solid.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood, Brushed Maple Finish
Features: Two drawers with metal runners, one CPU tower caibnet
Dimensions: 59.5 x 23.5 x 29 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 5/10


  • Simple and high quality
  • Comes with computer-centric features
  • CPU cabinet for better organization


  • Difficult to Assemble
  • Drawers a bit short

computer desk

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2. Sauder Salt Oak Finish Harbor View Wooden Gaming Desk

wooden computer desk

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Hello welcome to class, if style is a major issue for you, this  will probably look great in your home. The salt oak finish really makes this  stand out making it look like it was made in a mermaid mansion and delivered to us thankful land walkers.

With the gorgeous look we also have a price a bit higher than anything else mentioned so far at around $350.

It has storage space for days as it includes multiple shelves to create a true home base for all your operations. Your base is not mobile though as this it weighs a whopping 194 pounds. This is a beautiful combination of quality and class along with all the utility space you could ask for.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood, Salt Oak Finish
Features: Three drawers, CPU storage in the louver shaped cabinet, spacious hutch, slide-out keyboard tray.
Dimensions: 62.5 x 23.5 x 57.3 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 9/10


  • Elegant design; comes in three different colors
  • Spacious with multiple shelves, drawers and cabinet
  • Perfect for home/office.


  • Assembly instructions are easy, but since it is heavy, assembling can be tricky.
  • Not fit for small rooms.

wooden computer desk

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3. Coaster Home Contemporary Style Desk

coaster gaming desk

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Another rectangular one with a nice cappuccino finish. Here we have two drawers and a cabinet plus a keyboard tray to complete the setup.

The look fits right in the middle between modern and classic for that contemporary functionality. It has a floating table top as it’s main standout attribute adding some style to the basics.

The price is also pretty reasonable as this model runs in the $150 range. The biggest issue is there aren’t any pre-made holes to slip your wires through so it might get a bit cluttered. Especially considering the surface area of 55 x 23.5 is on the lower end among the ones we’ve mentioned.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood, contemporary styled
Features: two drawers, one CPU tower cabinet, keyboard tray, shelf space underneath the floating top surface.
Dimensions: 55 x 23.5 x 29.5 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 6/10


  • Floating top surface grants extra space for your peripherals
  • Strong and sturdy; perfect for dual monitor setups


  • No cable management even in the CPU cabinet
  • Very arduous assembly

best MDF gaming desk

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4. Sauder Carson Forge

old wooden gaming desk

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This is a very simple yet high quality worktable by Sauder. It does not have a lot of surface area; however, it does have a lot of storage.

If you have laptop or a small rig consisting of one monitor, then it is a great buy.

It has a built in cord management. It comes with three drawers. The Wrought Iron Style brings out a very distinctive look as well. You can visibly see the iron accents added to the overall structure.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood, Washington Cherry Finish
Features: Three drawers, wrought iron style,
Dimensions: 53.18 x 22.6  x 29.5 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 5/10


  • Inexpensive and a very unique style
  • Perfect for laptops
  • Easy assembly


  • No cable management
  • No keyboard tray

old wooden gaming desk

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5. Affordable Complete Computer Workstation for Small Setups

affordable gaming desk Buy on Amazon

This workstation by Techno Mobili gives you a nice modern look along with a pretty low price.

A spot for your keyboard and tower along with a couple extra shelves combine with the main surface to give you a nice amount of storage space.

The aforementioned low price has this in less than $100 range which is really nice considering it comes with a 5 year warranty.

The steel is scratch resistant and the wood is moisture resistant adding to that long term durability. Each space can hold 30 pounds while the surface can hold 80. This is small with only around 2 feet of cubic space but the multiple shelves are meant to remedy that.

Specification and Features

Material: Heavy Duty MDF Panels
Features: Keyboard Tray, Multiple Shelves, CPU Shelf, 10 slots CD Holder
Dimensions: 38 x 22  x 35 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 3/10


  • Small and convenient for single monitor setups
  • Very accessible and organized workstation environment
  • Great cable management due to open backsides
  • The most affordable wooden gaming desk in this list


  • Small surface area
  • Not as durable as a pure wood

affordable gaming desk

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Other Shaped Wooden Gaming Desks

Here you will find differently shaped workstations. These can be used for unique setups.

6. Sauder Harbor View 

wooden gaming desk Buy on Amazon

The highly rated product’s appeal of yore for a simple white finish that stands out and gets the job done. The price is a bit high in the $350 range but it offers a lot of storage space.

With two drawers a cabinet and a file drawer under over six feet of active surface space the only room issue is going to be on your houses side.

A durable melamine surface looks glossy enough and it stands on an overall sturdy build. With one grommet to hide cords this is a great buy for anyone who really needs a bunch of space.

You can change the position of the keyboard tray to either of sides. Therefore, this is great for those who have a multiple monitor setup. Since it is sturdy, it should be able to hold clamp mounts for your monitors as well without the worry toppling.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood, Melamine Top Surface
Features: Scratch resistant surface, Slide out Keyboard/mouse shelf, storage area of CPU tower, the drawers.
Dimensions: 66.1 x 66.1 x 30.3 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 10/10


  • Large surface area
  • Plenty for drawers and cabinets
  • High quality scratch resistant wood


  • Expensive for an average gamer
  • Heavy; therefore, relocation can be an issue

wooden gaming desk

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7. Ameriwood Home Dakota Budget Wooden Station

wooden gaming desk

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If you are looking for the cheapest possible quality table in store, there is nothing that can come close to this.

Granted it does not have many drawers, but it is available at the fraction of the cost of most of this shape and size. Gamers usually are on a very tight budget, therefore not all of us have luxuries to spend a fortune on the furniture.

Therefore, if you are looking for the cheapest possible desk in this category that maintains a high quality, then this should be high in  your list.

It grants you a lot of space in order to hook up a decent enough rig on top.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood, particle board, MDF
Features: two open shelves, cable management grommets
Dimensions: 51.31 x 53.63 x 28.31 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 3/10


  • Most affordable l-shaped
  • Large surface for multiple monitors
  • Little assembly required


  • No drawers or shelves
  • Surface is narrow

best wooden gaming desk

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8. Tribesigns Modern Wood and Metal Desk

wooden gaming computer desk

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Here Tribesigns comes in with a really nice stylish design. The first thing to note is the L has part of the middle cut out so it won’t fit flush in a bend.

On the other hand this makes a good spot to funnel your cords through.

The look helps make it assume a modern elegant appeal that will most assuredly get compliments.

Those complimenters might quickly turn to questions though as the structure doesn’t use much wood for reinforcement, so substantial setups might be an issue.

Though you should be able to quiet them quickly when you mention that it only cost $140 which is impressive for the style. You can then follow up with how the steel combines with the wood frame to bear a load of up to 450 pounds so even though it looks flimsy it combines futuristic looks with future sighted durability. With a wide amount of space and even a foot rest this is a what you show the aliens when they get here.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood and steel construction
Features: affordable contemporary style
Dimensions: 66.14 x 49.21 x 29 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 5/10


  • Minimalist design
  • Excellent for cable management a the back is open
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble


  • No drawer or shelf space

wood and steel desk

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9. BEST CHOICE Computer Workstation

best choice gaming desk

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Another computer workstation this time opting for a rounded middle. This has sliding keyboard tray and about all the surface space you could ask for.

It even has a cheap price coming in around $85 bucks. Wood and steel combing for a build that is much sturdier than it looks. A highlight of this is how easy it is to setup only requiring about an hour.

This is a great bargain as it doesn’t look as flashy as the previous one but it provides so much space at such a great price that it’s hard to argue throwing one of these in every room.

The only downside is they only offer a 60 day warranty but that shouldn’t be much of an issue as this is plenty sturdy.

Specification and Features

Material: Wood and steel construction
Features: affordable, modern style, keyboard tray, stand for CPU tower
Dimensions: 59 x 55 x 29.5 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 3/10


  • Minimalist design
  • For the price offers a lot of features and a large surface area
  • Roomy and not too heavy


  • No drawer or shelf space


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Features to Look For

Now if you were building a robot you would probably want some lasers, cannons, missiles and guns, but none of that matters without the framework and utility to make everything run well.

Your computer is the firepower and your desk is the structure that allows it to perform at its best. Of course, you want a structure that can sustain your rages.

Plus, you wouldn’t try to run a super computer on a double A battery so we need to determine what we can find as well as what we need. So what are the key factors to look for when choosing the right one? Let us find out…

Style is Always an Important Factor

There are many styles to consider when purchasing a workstation. Beyond that, the choices of material also makes a huge difference. This guide focuses mainly on ligneous products because they often offer the best combination of style, stability, and pricing.

The other main distinction in style is rectangular versus L. Though their are some that are adjustable allowing them to hybridize.

The rectangular are the more classic option for that good ole four legs and a chair. There are other type of different shaped and sizes. The most important things to consider for rectangular as the space it provides and how sturdy it is since they often lack middle support.

Surface Space Decides How Big Your Setup Is

This seems pretty basic but it’s also the most important thing in its simplicity. You have to find something that fits your space while still giving you enough space to accomplish whatever you need to comfortably.

At the very least you need enough space for a monitor and a mouse pad. Maybe you have multiple monitors and you need the room to have an elaborate setup. How many keyboards, how many monitors, do you need space for reference materials on hand, where do you put a drink without causing a mess?

All of these things and more should be considered when you think about the surface space of your desk. The funny thing about us people is we struggle to know what we’ll need until we need it and we struggle to appreciate things until they are gone. There’s nothing worse than dying on a killing spree because you accidentally spilled some Coke all over the carpet.

The Build Quality

One thing that is often forgotten when people purchase is the build. You want to make sure you get something that looks great, but is also sturdy enough to stand against the tests of time. Some might stain easily or hold smudges, even worse they could scratch easily.

There’s nothing worse than bringing a new product home and scarring it horribly on the first day because of a simple accident. Another thing to keep in mind for the build is how heavy your setup is. Most don’t have much support in the middle so a heavy monitor keyboard or combination of devices can cause it to sag in the middle.

Once a it starts sagging there is no going back. You don’t want to turn your room into something resembling a hobbits house because of all the stuff stacked up to keep it standing.

The final and possibly most important thing to consider about the build is cable management. If you game then you know all the peripherals and devices can combine to make a corded behemoth that will mercilessly clutter your room. Different desks have many solutions for cable management while some have none at all. You don’t want to purchase a beautiful one only to have it soured by some wire snake encroachment.

Storage is Critical for Organization

Organization is a testy beast to tame because it is so easily disturbed, that one extra book or spherical object can cause a disaster and destroy your Feng Shui.

So to solve this issue you will need a decent amount of storage space. In the twenty first century we have moved passed basic storage space into the realm of functional storage space.

Do you want a perpetually clear desk? How about a slide out tray for your keyboard increasing your surface space? Everyone pretty much has a smartphone nowadays, so how about a space for keeping one that not only holds it up but also charges it for you?

As we get more devices the solutions for storage evolve with our collections. Make sure you keep in mind what you would like to store when shopping and keep your eye out for any innovative storage compartments that might make your life a little bit easier.

Special Features Can Cost More

The widest amount of parity between desks comes in the special feature discussion. Here we go past the basics like keyboard trays into the shock resistant variety because yes we all rage from time to time.

Something else to consider though it’s not very flash is the warranty, you never know when disaster might strike so you want at least a couple years.

Another uncommon feature is adjustability, it can be very useful to have one that can change to suit the user. Heat resistance is also something to look for because any serious gamer knows their rig can get pretty toasty.

It All Boils Down To Pricing

We got this far before considering pricing because they have a pretty vast range. You can find any where from around $80 to thousands of dollars depending on a wide range of factors.

Generally if you purchase anything on the lower end you want to make sure it has a decent warranty. This guide should have something that fits nicely into your budget while also providing as many bells and whistles as we can scrape by.

The Right Gaming Chair as a Complement

There is no better way to complement your gaming desk except with a gaming chair. There are various types of gaming chairs that you can check out like Bluetooth gaming chair, gaming chair with footrest etc. You can also find gaming chairs offered in many colors like orange and red. Be sure to consider gaming chairs as an addon.

DIY Wooden Gaming Desk

Nothing beats a clever and a neat DIY product. In fact, most of the enthusiasts out there resort to building their own. Building your own ligneous gaming desk has several perks as you can build and configure to however you like.

Although there isn’t a better one than a DIY, you do need carpentry skills. Otherwise, you can hire someone but then the cost can run pretty high.


Here are some of the websites that you can check out for guides on how to build our own wooden gaming desk:


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