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Atlantic Gaming Desk Review – The Answer to Your Woes?

altantic gamign desk review
Written by Gaming Gearoid

Let us explore the reasons to consider the Atlantic Gaming Desk for your setup.

One of the major issues that gamers face in today’s world is that they don’t find enough space to fit all their gaming accessories. And it’s not only about fitting your gears, with time games are becoming more complex and absorbing.

Why Invest in a Gaming Setup?

Gaming is not just an alien tradition, it is part of world wide culture. Everyone is beginning to realize this. For this reasons, there is almost everything being made to cater specifically for gamers needs such as gaming desks. We here at Gaming Gearoid talk about all sorts of gaming accessories.

You just can’t stop playing once you have started. The missions and the game-play makes today’s games just too irresistible. If you are remotely a gamer, then you will know that people of almost all demographics enjoy gaming. It is no longer a Taboo and our moms are beginning to realize that online gaming cannot be stopped. It is a revolution truly in the form of entertainment.

It’s no wonder people are crazy about gaming, because of how far they’ve come in recent years. Hence, you need to have your drinks and chips within reach for ridiculously long gaming sittings. But because of the wonderful gaming desks that have been designed specifically for the needs of a gamer, there’s no need to worry when hammering away at your controller.

In this article, we will talk specifically about the pioneers of gaming specific desks. We will talk about three desks specifically, the Atlantic Black Centipede Gaming Desk, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro and the Atlantic Gaming Desk (Not Machine Specific).

General Information

A General Look

Atlantic gaming desks are not large gaming desks nor are they L Shaped Gaming Desks. That, in fact, is the only thing holding them back from a perfect 100% score.

However, Atlantic Gaming Desks do bring out an idea in the furniture market – to cater to the gamer’s market. They can be considered the pioneer in that regard. There have been other gaming desks, but none that are so affordable.

These are basic rectangular shaped gaming desks.

Three Main Models

There are three main models.

  1. Atlantic Gaming Desk Not Machine Specific
  2. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro
  3. Centipede Gaming Stand for Console from Atlantic

Out of these, perhaps the most famous are first two. The reason being that they are highly affordable and suitable for all sorts of gaming setups.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

We will now have a look at individual Atlantic Gaming Desk.

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

Specification and Features

Material: Silver Metallic Steel & Carbon Fiber Finish Top
Features: non marring feet, cable management, Charging Station, Speaker Trays, Storage Drawer, Table-top Reinforcement Bar, Monitor Stand, 2 Controller Hooks, Game Storage Rack, Wire-management Trim Plates, Rear Power-strip Holder, Headphone Hook & Cup Holder
Dimensions: 49.25 x 26.75 x 40.25 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 2/3

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This is the first and most famous Atlantic Gaming Desk out there.

First off, it isn’t specially designed for a particular machine, but is useful for all kinds of consoles, desktops and laptops. Gamers can set up a pretty nice rig with this desk at their disposal. It can hold up to 40 pounds and up to one 27″ monitor quite comfortably.

So it’s easy to say that your Not Machine Specific Atlantic gaming desk will be a longtime friend. But it is not just limited to gaming, it is also a very functional office desk. I would go as far as to say that it is the most functional desk for office.

However, let us keep focused on gamers for now. In this desk, you can put away a laptop, 2 controllers, 5 games, 2 speakers, a pair of headphones and most importantly, a large drink. There’s only a few gamers who don’t get frustrated with rusting desk feet, but the Atlantic Gaming Desk’s feet are non-marring, which makes them more long-lasting.

These leveling and non-marring feet add the stability that the Atlantic Black Centipede doesn’t have, making it less wobbly and a lot more reliable.

Also worth noting is the charging station and power strip holder, which means you won’t have to deal with your laptop’s battery dying just before you reach the power socket. It is also an excellent cable management system.


The only con that I can observe here is the reduction in holding capacity as compared to other Atlantic Gaming Desks like the Centipede which can hold 80 pounds. Although it does have a separate pedestal for a monitor, the size isn’t just too big enough for larger gaming setups.

Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro Review

Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro Review

Specification and Features

Material: Charcoal colored carbon fiber laminated desktop
Features: Curved front facing desktop for close-up comfort, Charging Stand, Speaker Trays, Game Storage, Drawer, 2 Controller Hooks, Wire-management, Rear Power-strip Holder, Headphone & Cup Holder
Dimensions: 52 x 25.25 x 36 (LxWxH) inches
Price: 3/3

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This is, hands down, the most famous gaming desk currently available in the market.

This desk has many qualities, but the most important one in my opinion is that it has an elevated stand that can hold a TV up to 32 inches and the main surface area can hold a typical 27 inch monitor. So you practically have space for two displays.

Also, the desktop is curved, allowing back comfort because now you won’t need to be hunched over an uncomfortable chair for hours as you work or play.

Moving on to the storage, it’s just like the ones in the previous gaming desk, with a few minor updates. Now, you can store up to ten gaming CDs, 2 controllers, a laptop, headphones and a drink. The Gaming Desk Pro includes a charging port for your smartphone or tablet, so you can switch from one device to another seamlessly.

The gaming desk’s material makes it look light and sleek, but it’s actually very tough. Many gamers report that the desk handles two monitors quite well! Others say that it’s a reasonably priced product, and you won’t find another one like this at the same price. This is true and I highly subscribe to this opinion.


At the end, we’re going to quickly go over the cons of this gaming desk. Personally, I think that gaming is incomplete without surround sound and the speaker holders should be flat instead of the metal bars given in the Gaming Desk Pro. Because of these, the speakers may keep falling over if you’re not careful. Anyhow, it’s still a great buy and any hardcore gamer should consider getting it.

Also, like the previous Atlantic gaming desk, this desk is only suitable for a single monitor gaming setups. The size can make you feel a but cluttered.

Atlantic Black Centipede Game Stand For Consoles Review

atlantic gaming desk

Specification and Features

Material: Steel rod construction with adjustable non-marring feet
Features: Lower accessory and console shelves support 65 lbs, Holds 3 consoles, 4 controllers, 12 games and headphone
Dimensions: Fits 37″ LCD / 80 lbs weight capacity, 32.7 x 20.7 x 7.5 inches
Price: 1/3

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Let us have a look at Atlantic Black Centipede Storage. It isn’t technically a desk but more of a stand for your gaming consoles.

This stand/desk is specifically designed for console players. It doesn’t look like much, and you might expect it to not handle all your accessories. However, you might be surprised to know that it has tremendous capacity.

Designed to take less space, the Atlantic Black Centipede Storage comfortably holds 4 controllers (Some people have reported that it can even manage 6 controllers), 12 games, 3 consoles, and a headphone as well.

It comes with a 37-inch TV stand which can support up to 80 pounds of weight easily. With simple instructions to assemble the desk, it would only take you a couple of minutes to put the whole thing together. Personally, it took me 30 minutes to assemble the table, but some people have said that about 15 minutes is enough to get the whole thing going.

In addition, its feet are broad which makes it super stable. Also, in terms of durability, the table does really well. Even after using it for 2 years, many have reported that Atlantic Black Centipede Storage Stand hasn’t got a single scratch.


There is only one major drawback to the stand which deserves spotlight. Though the stand is durable, stable and very comfortable, it can’t hold newer generation Xbox one. However, it CAN hold PS4 quite comfortably. If you need to fit an Xbox, you will need to do a bit of an adjustment yourself.

Coming to other minor problems, gamers sometimes find that the assembly screws are labelled completely wrong, which obviously makes it a hassle to put it together. In addition, many buyers have complained that because of its space-efficient design, there is not enough space to neatly organize all power cords and wires.


Now that we’ve looked at all three gaming desks, we can look at which one has the best package, and why.

First, let’s look at storage. With 80 pounds of capacity for just monitor storage, the Atlantic Black Centipede certainly takes the cake as far as weight capacity is concerned.

Next comes organization, and the winner is the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro, because it has an extra compartment for cables and cords, which is missing in the Atlantic Black Centipede and the Atlantic Gaming Desk (Not Machine Specific). It also has a shelf for another display.

Another important factor is pricing, because who doesn’t love an amazing product at a low price? The cheapest gaming desk out of these three is the Atlantic Black Centipede, at just about $60, while at second comes the Atlantic Gaming Desk at about $90, followed by the Gaming Desk Pro which is priced at around $120.

However, you can’t pick one because of the fact that different people have different opinions. You might value certain qualities more than other people, which is why I would leave it up to you to choose the best Atlantic gaming desk for yourself.

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