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Red and Black Gaming Chair – For an Aggressive Setup

red and black gaming chair
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Red with black color is one of the best combination. Although it is an aggressive color, it can make any setup standout. If you have such gaming setup, then you will like the red and black gaming chair we have mentioned here.

Comfort is key to success in any performance whether you are singing to a sold out crowd or lounging at home kicking back with a fun video game. For the hardcore we need a seat that encompasses everything we stand for as gamer’s so there are many factor to consider.

Why the Color Red?

There are many gaming chair colors that one can go for.

When it comes to the classic red and black design though it is a classic for a good reason as you can find red in almost anything including gaming desk of all sizes. Red embodies all the passion, energy, and action that makes gaming’s core. If you agree that domination is a necessity in your gaming arena then follow this guide and find the ultimate red and black gaming chair for the champion you want to become.

Outside of style it is important to know what qualities you are looking for. The perfect chair is comfortable, sturdy, and adjusts to whatever the user needs. Maybe it has a built in sound system with a subwoofer so you can really feel the action.

Maybe it has a leaning function that allows you to go fully flat so you can game, work, relax, or sleep with your new favorite piece of furniture.

From the pricing to the design to the features read along to find the perfect red and black gaming chair for you.

Best Red and Black Gaming Chair Reviews

Now that we have established what one should look for in a red and black gaming chair, let us now look at some of the best that are out there.

1. DXRacer FH11/NR Black and Red Formula Series Gaming Chair

DX racer chair

Specification and Features

Material: Vinyl, heavy duty aluminum base
Features: soft armrests with adjustable pieces, footrests and a conventional tilt mechanism
Maximum Capacity: 265lbs
Dimensions: 20 x 25 x 45 inches
Price: 5/5

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DXRacer presents a chair built for the high end user with this model, especially one with a high back. This chair is ergonomically designed to hug your body and give you all the support you need in the right places.

The design is smooth using curves and colors along the outside for a fresh is only a bit sparse look. With a vinyl leather cover of some high density foam padding the smooth appeal carries over to the feel, this is a very comfortable chair.

Adjustability reigns from top to bottom with a 170 degree tilt and DXRacer’s special rocking function that works at any angle.

Lumbar support and a head pillow are included as well. With a price around $300 this chair is toward the higher end of pricing however the build quality and comfort make that price perfectly reasonable. It is nice to see a model with a high tag where you actually get what you pay for.

2. Merax Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

merax red and black gaming chair

Specification and Features

Material: PU leather
Features: Adjustable height and tilt locking system, 120 degrees recline, Soft headrest and thick padded armrest
Maximum Capacity: –
Dimensions: 25.5 x 25.5 x 47 inches
Price: 1/5

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Merax comes to market trying to provide a great chair and an affordable price line and they do a pretty good job here. The red and black design gives this chair a nice modern using curves and a good amount of color to make a sharp seat even when the base and wheels are basic black.

The armrests aren’t adjustable but the height and tilt are though this chair can only go 120 degrees which is definitely on the low side. Thick padding and synthetic leather cover up a pretty sturdy model that should work well for standard use.

With a price tag around $90 this chair is a decent bargain. You are not getting anything spectacular but this chair looks good covers the basics and makes a good purchase for anyone who is cool with that.

3. X-Rocker 5125401 2.1 Gaming Chair with Wireless Bluetooth

red and black gaming chair x rocker

Specification and Features

Material: Padded Synthetic Leather
Features: Connects with multiple chairs, Two speakers and a subwoofer, Built-in blue tooth radio wireless receiver, RCA stereo outputs, arms and pedestal with tilt and swivel
Dimensions: 33.9 x 40.6 x 23.6 inches
Price: 4/5

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Moving away from the classic design this X Rocker chair jams out on a pedestal. The highlight from any X Rocker model is the built in sound system and this one doesn’t disappoint with 2.1 surround sound for that nice subwoofer experience immersion factor.

The design is not anything spectacular as this mostly black chair pops in some red mesh lining and a patterned back then calls it a day. The pedestal allows for all the swivel and tilt that you would expect to find and all  the sound controls are conveniently located on the side.

RCA inputs are included but this chair also has a wireless receiver. With a price around $205 this chair is solidly in the middle range for a decent buy for the sound focused gamer. If you are interested in feeling the explosions over armrests wheels and ergonomics then this chair deserves a look.

4. GTracing Ergonomic Black and Red Gaming Chair

GTreacing chair

Specification and Features

Material: Metal frame, Synthetic Leather
Features: Backrest and Seat Height Adjustment, Lumbar Support, Recliner to 170 Degrees, headrest
Maximum Capacity: 330

Dimensions: 26.5″(L) x 22.5″(W) x 47.5″-52″(H)
Price: 3/5

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If you are looking for a full back red and black racing chair with an extremely reasonable price then GTracing might have your number. First off the design looks great, sharp, and modern with a lot of well used color.

The PU leather is smooth to the touch and the stitching is much less apparent than you will see on may other models. Comfort is paramount with foam padding and a ergonomic design for great support.

An adjustable lumbar support and head pillow are included for that extra benefit. With 170 degree tilt functionality, 360 degree swivel and adjustability from the height to the armrests you shouldn’t be surprised to see this chair go for a couple hundred.

However this chair is around $120 for a tremendous bargain. You just don’t expect to see a chair that looks this good and provides so much for that low.

5. GTracing Ergonomic

chair gaming

Specification and Features

Material: PU Leather with Steel frame and a star base
Features: headrest cushion & lumbar cushion, 90 to 180 degree backwards movement
Dimensions: Back:36.6″(H) x 22″(W) | Seat: 22″(W) x 23″(D)
Maximum Capacity: 280 lbs
Price: 3.5/5

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This Kinsal chair is large and in charge aiming to please the mid range shopper looking for a bit of a bargain. With a stylish red and black design the chair looks nice and colorful from its wheels, to its base, to its high head made for larger users.

Adjustable head pillow and a fat lumbar support help this chair complete its ergonomic design. While the PU leather and foam padding come through for the comfort.

This chair is pretty adjustable at the height and armrests with a tilt function that goes the full 180 so you can take a nap after you are all gamed out. With a price around $190 this chair sits right in the middle with decent value.

It looks pretty good and is well built so the price is just about what you would expect maybe a bit lower but not enough to matter much if you like the chair.

6. Homall Executive Swivel Leather Chair for Gaming

Kinsal red chair

Specification and Features

Material: PU Leather
Features: removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion, Tilt Locking mechanism 90-180 degrees
Dimensions: Size of Back: 22.5″X30.5″(LXW),Size of Seat: 19.8″X20.5″(LXW)
Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs
Price: 2/5

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If you are looking for a red and black gaming chair with an emphasis on red then this chair will look pretty good. It features a futuristic space age style design you might expect to find inside a stylish invaders space ship.

The colors really highlight the ergonomic design of this high backed chair with adjustable lumbar and head pillow support is covered in near ever conceivable way.

Adjustable height with a tilt function that hits up to 180 degrees. However the armrests don’t follow the trend. Supporting up to 300 pounds with its soft PU leather this is the type of chair that checks about every box.

With a price around $120 the final all important box is checked right next to great value. Not the greatest for large people but this is another chair where there are not many issues for the overall package.

7. Mophorn High Back Chair


Specification and Features

Material: PU Leather, Nylon base
Features: headrest cushion and lumbar cushion; reclining mechanism 90 to 150 degree backwards and forwards, Adjustable seat height and armrest height
Dimensions: Overall size: 26.2×27.2″x49-53″(LXWXH);Adjustable seat height: 18.9″-22.8″
Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs
Price: 2.5/5

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Aiming to carve out its place in the gap between low end and high end gaming chairs is this Mophorn model that begs the question where did it end up?

The design is on the more basic side only featuring a couple cleverly placed stripes though the red on the base by the wheels does look pretty good.

So the looks are on the low end next we have adjustability from the height to the tilt along with the lumbar support and head pillows everything moves as it should. With a tilt of up to 150 degrees sounds like a point for the middle.

Most importantly ergonomic design PU leather and high density foam make for a smooth comfortable chain and another point towards the middle. With a price tag around $150 this chair isn’t quite Goldilocks but it will get the job done. As long as you follow the instructions you should be pretty satisfied.

8. Giantex Executive Red and Black Gaming Chair

giantex chair gaming

Specification and Features

Material: PU Leather
Features: Adjustable Armrest And Seat Height,  Reclining Mechanism To 90 To 180 Degree ,
Dimensions: Overall Size: 25.9″X27.2″X49.2-52.3″(LXWXH),Adjustable Seat Height: 16.9″-20.8″
Maximum Capacity: 350 lbs
Price: 2/5

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Giantex believes they can deliver great value at an affordable price with this high back racing style red and black gaming chair.

The chair looks great though it only uses two red stripes coursing the length of the chair for color, the quality of the leather looks straight out of a high end sports car.

Comfort is a priority for Giantex especially in the large head pillow and lumbar support combo making this an excellent choice for anyone with back problems on a budget. Speaking of budget this model is priced around $110 putting it on the lower end while still in competition with the top value low end models.

You might find others that look better but this chair can still hit 150 degrees while packing most of the basics. Outside of an issue with shipping this is not a chair likely to disappoint.

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