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Best Pink Gaming Chair | Top Chars in this Color for Gamers

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We all have a certain taste in color. Some of us like darker colors, other like lighter. A color can be considered a part of the reflection of your personality. A pink gaming chair represents a delicate, sweet, romantic and playful mood.

It is also mostly associated with tenderness and feminine qualities. It is for this reason that the color pink is highly liked by girls.

I can say for certain, that most of the customers looking for pink gaming chair are girls – that is not to say that there cannot be guys who also adore this color.

Psychology dictates that the color pink is associated with femininity, love, calmness, innocence, optimism etc. It speaks of tender person who is calm, gentle, giving and also very romantic.

Who Makes Pink Gaming Chairs?

A pink gaming chair is rarer than its counterparts; however, the good news is that it is made by almost all of the major brands out there.

From DXRacer to X Rocker, you can find pink gaming chairs in abundance with several different configuration.

Are there Pink Gaming Setups?

Most certainly there and as anyone would expect, these gaming setup are usually owned by girls. So next time, you want to gift your gamer girl something, consider a pink add on to her gaming setup.

From decorative lights to desk and a gaming chair, you can get almost any component with a pink accent. However, pink is a color usually mixed with either white or black. Therefore, you cannot get a purely pink gaming setup, unless you color it yourself.

pink gaming setup

Best Pink Gaming Chair Review

Let us now look in the best pink gaming chair that you can get for your sweet and cute gaming setup.

Before you get into choosing the right chair for you, you must know that you should not choose the chair purely on the basis of aesthetics. You need a chair that is comfortable and above all, promotes a good posture. We all know that dangers of prolonged sitting on the back, and that should be your primary concern, not the other way around.

Choosing a chair purely for the color and sacrificing the comfort and ergonomic characteristic would be tantamount to putting the horse before the cart. As always, be pragmatic in your choice. So without further ado, let us get started.

DXracer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NP Pink Gaming Chair

pink gaming chair

DXRacer as a brand needs no introduction whatsoever. It is one of the most premium gaming chair brands out there. They have many series of gaming chairs.

This particular pink chair is a hit among the customers. You can see this chair being reviewed by many famous gamers out there. Therefore, you simply cannot go wrong with the purchase of this product.

Not just that, but it has received almost flawless reviews on from its customers.

The chair uses high quality PU cover. It has adjustable arms rest provides swivel and easy rolling. It has a high back rest and an adjustable lumbar support for your spine.

AKRacing Player Super-Premium Pink Game Chair

ak racing gaming chair

This is yet another premium pink gaming chair; however, it is designed by very close competitor the DXRacer, the AKRacing.

The highlight of this chair is that it has a much lighter tone of the color pink as compared to the chair above. More over, it has a higher ratio  of the color pink to the black primary.

Other than that, the upholstery of the chair is made with highest grade faux leather for comfort. It comes with a cushioned headrest as well as lumbar support.

Like all great gaming chairs, this one is also adjustable. It can lift up to 330 lbs and can even recline all way back to 170 degrees.

It comes with a long 5-10 years warranty as well. So if you are the clumsy type, you are basically covered for a long while.

Merax Fantasy Series Chair for Gamers – Budget Pink Gaming Chair

pink gaming chair

So we have looked at the expensive premium gaming chairs. What if I told you that you can get almost the same comfort and style at less than half the price tag? That would seem impossible right?

Well, that is where you are wrong and where this chair sets a standard. This pink game chair costs about $130 dollars and has satisfied a countless customers.

It has a relatively high quality PU leather, a comfortable base, neck support, lumbar support, and height adjustability.

It is also a recliner. So if you want to fall asleep or a good rest, you can do so with the chair.

If I were you and looking for a pink gaming chair for my setup, I would consider this to be somewhere at the top of my list simply because it offers such a great bargain.

The only drawback is that there have been a few complaints where the customers have reported lack of cushioning on the back.

OPSEAT Master Series Chair for Gamers (Pink)

pink game chair

If you like to walk the middle road, then this is the chair for you. It is neither as expensive as the premium pink chairs listed above, nor as cheap as some of the budget chairs out there.

It lies at the perfect price range that ensure comfort and high quality. This is a reclining pink gaming chair. It can support up to 300 lbs and like most of the chairs here, it has adjustable height and arm rests.

The upholstery is made out of soft synthetic leather so rest assured in knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this chair.

As expect, the customers have praised the product for maintaining a decent price tag without sacrificing the quality.

The chair comes with 1 year of warranty, which, to me, is the only drawback. We have seen that most of the premium chair can have a warranty up to 5 years. Therefore, 1 years to me is a bit lacking.

Vertagear S-Line SL2000 Pink Chair

gaming chair pink

Here we are looking at a premium gaming chair that is cheaper than you would expect. This is a high quality chair that is covered with high quality PVC leather.

It uses a steel frame and a high density foam to add durability and comfort. The pink color of this chair is a bit towards the darker tone. It is one the borderline between pink and violet and thus greatly complements as setup that is darker in its accents.

You should note that this is chair is comfortable and perfect fit for those who have a narrow and slim body. Those who have a wide waist or shoulder should look at other models.

One of the greatest features of this chair is that it can be assembled in minutes.

Customers have praised the overall build quality. There are very little squeaks and creaks as your recline or adjust, which is typical even from more expensive chairs.

This chair has the benefit of forcing you to be in the right posture at all times. The seat is firm and comfortable, so if you are looking for something that is more stiff, then you need to look elsewhere.

MotoRacer Conventional Gaming Chair


Not all of us out there have a liking for racing style gaming chairs. Some of us actually prefer something that is ordinary, yet comfortable and functional.

Well, if you are looking for one such chair but in pink color, then you are in luck with this product.

Although it does have a little ‘racing’ or ‘funky’ vibe to it, it is no where close to being a racing chair that we have seen above. A little funkiness is important in any gaming chair, otherwise, it would’t be called as such.

Even from your first glance at this, you can see how extremely comfortable this chair is. It has padding and cushioning all over the place even on the arm rests.

It is also quite heavy. Being a durable chair, it can support upto 330 lbs

However, the cherry on icing is definitely the fact that this one of the most affordable gaming chairs in the market.

Looking at the reviews, you will be quick to realize that everyone has been praising the comfort factor of this chair.

Ace Bayou X-ROCKER FLOOR 2.1 Wireless Audio Chair

x rocker gaming chair

The first ting that comes to your mind when you look at this chair is that it does not have wheels on it. Well, this is a low gaming chair.

Another thing that you must have notices is that it is loaded with unique features such as 2.1 Wireless Audio system as well as plenty of control buttons on the side. These are there simply to improve your gaming experience.

In fact, X Rocker is known for making chairs that have immersive sounds systems installed.

So you must be thinking that it must have a hell of a price tag. On the contrary, it must cheaper than most of the chairs that have been mentioned in this list above.

The only drawback is that you cannot use this with desks as it sits on the ground level.

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