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Best Gaming Chair with Footrest | List of Top 10

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I don’t know anybody who prefers to game standing up, I do however know many people who like to game with their feet up though. If that is the case you will enjoy a gaming chair with footrest.

When it comes to absolute relaxation while enjoying a great game there is nothing more important to the knowledgeable gamer than their gaming chair. The only way to make it through a marathon session without serious health issues, other than remembering to eat is a good gaming chair.

It should be mentioned here that chair is one part of the puzzle. In order to promote a good healthy posture you also need a proper gaming desk. We suggest you go for the best l shaped desk for gaming as they offer ample space and a lot of functionality.

For those who seek to find the perfect gaming chair complete with a footrest look no further for this guide will help you find more time for looting and securing all the glorious gaming booty.

There are many benefits to using a footrest. It can help you with your posture and even improve blood circulation. However, most us would just want it for the pure benefit of comfort.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to gaming chairs with footrest, the materials are pretty similar to each so you your primary concern should be the design that appeals you. At the same time, you need to make sure that the design ergonomically suits you.

Most racing style gamer chairs are ergonomically designed for your body so comfort is a given. A gamer must look good outside of the game to feel better in the game.

Most gamer chairs with footrest don’t feature any type of built in sound system, at least not for a reasonable price. So if you are looking for wireless stereo capabilities you might want to forgo the footrest.

Massage functionality is nice if you can find it or afford it, though racing style gaming chairs are built to relieve tension without the need for massage. The main goal is to find a chair that is stylish, comfortable, and sturdy, all within your price range.

There are not many more competitive markets than gaming chairs with footrest so make sure you take your time and find a style that really fits you since there isn’t much variation in prices.

These gamer chairs will generally run you from $150 to $250 so there isn’t much parity.

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest Reviews

Let us now have a look at some of the highly praised and top gaming chair with footrest.

#1 Top Gamer Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest

gaming chair


The first thing you will notice about this chair from Top Gamer is it looks absolutely stunning. You wouldn’t think a black and white chair could look so stylish as this chair is fit for a Formula 1 race car complete with its own set of wheels.

The slick curves and sharp corners really accentuate the ergonomic design of this gamer chair. The adjustable neck and lumbar support are amazing for any gamer who has back issues bringing comfort and support into a brilliant synergy.

The attached footrest provided the final support system to a model that focuses on getting you through those prolonged sessions. With a price tag of about $200, comfort and support better be pretty important to you because that is pretty high for a chair that does not bring anything as far as sound or massage functions are concerned.

Not every gamer needs all of that though, this is a great chair for the gamer who already has a surround sound system and just wants to feel and look good.

Specification and Features

Material: high density foam,
Features: Footrest Adjusting Headrest and Lumbar, High back, Swivel, Castor wheel, Adjustable armrest, 180 degrees reclining
Maximum user weight: 300 lbs.
Dimensions: Back Size: 22.1 x 33.5 inch | Seat Size: 21 x 19.7 inch
Price: 3.5/5

gaming chair


#2 TOPSKY High Back Footrest Gaming Chair

best gaming chair


Another racing style gamer seat so you know that it looks gorgeous. This Topsky model features a black design with several color accents that is enticing enough to draw you in from across the room.

They also have models in blue and black, or blue and silver to suit your aesthetic inclinations. The looks are only part of the package though as this model is about fully padded comfort.

Adjustability is paramount with adjustable armrest, headrest, and back. You can recline back just about as far as you want and the foot rest slips out from under the chair for the convenient stylish support potential it provides.

The keyword here is definitely support as this chair has your lumbar covered for those intense gaming moments where your body struggles to keep up with the action.

This chair is appropriately priced around $200. Much like our last model the gaming features aren’t apparent but it is gonna be pretty comfortable.

An excellent purchase for the serious gamer who also wants to be able to kick back and relax without sound being pumped right into their ears.

Specification and Features

Material: PP + Pu leather + Electroplate Feet + Nylon Wheel
Features: 90-175° recline& footrest, Headrest& lumbar cushion, Adjustable armrest, Strong Base &Thicker seat
Maximum user weight: 300lbs.
Dimensions: (W x D x H): 26.2 x 25.2 x 44.9-48.6inches (66.5 x 64 x 114-123.5 cm)
Price: 5/5

best gaming chair


#3 Homall High Back Video Gaming Chair with Footrest



Keeping up with the trend we have another stunning chair whose looks will appeal to anyone. Using slanted lines and V designs this chair screams out speed and comfort to any passerby.

Homall spared no expense on fully padding out this chair for maximum comfort potential. The footrest slides out from underneath the chairs for the extra support without adding any funkiness to the appeal.

360 degree swivel and wheels add to the overall maneuverability of this chair, which is appropriate considering the look. Once again, support is key with adjustable and removable headrest and lumbar support.

We don’t have the type of built in speaker system that you might expect but the high quality leather should make up a bit for it.

Homall definitely delivers in one of the most important areas for gamer chairs with around a $150 dollar price tag you can’t do much better for a racing style gaming chair with your wallet.

Stylish and comfortable if these attributes are important to you, try out this chair and game the night away.

Specification and Features

Material: PU leather
Features: Reclining mechanism: resistance adjustable, weight-activated multi-purpose castors, High backrest with quilted seam stitching, lumbar support, 90-180 degrees tilt
Maximum user weight: 300lbs.
Dimensions: Sitting height: 17.3-21.3 inch, Backrest dimension: 23.2″X32.2″(LXW)
Price: 1/5

Homall High Back Video Gaming Chair with Footrest


#4 Top Gamer Ergonomic Chair Racing Style



Top Gamer returns to the list this time in a venomous all black and green design complete with the stylish contour lines of a racing style chair.

This is for the more conservative gamer who likes to let their game play do the talking. Just because the colors aren’t here doesn’t mean this chair lacks the attributes of a high quality gamer chair. We have a slide out footrest that is completely adjustable.

Speaking of adjustable, so are the armrests and the height, and the backrest. With four separate settings for working, gaming, reading, or relaxing every angle is covered.

This chair feature high quality PU leather for a sturdy unassuming gaming experience with the added perk of built in lumbar support. Who really needs speakers when you can get a long lasting, maneuverable, and comfortable chair for around $200.

This is not a terrible price but you can probably find a comparable model for less.

Specification and Features

Material: high quality pu leather
Features: neckrest cushion & lumbar cushion, Heavy duty chair base with universal castors for greater stability, Soft headrest and Adjustable armrest
Maximum user weight: 300lbs.
Dimensions: Back Size(W×H): 23.3×33.0inch Seat Size(W×D): 20.8×18.9inch Adjustable Height: 18.20~21.3inch
Price: 4.5/5

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest


#5 LANGRIA High Back Blue Gaming Chair

gaming chair with foot rest


This racing style chair is not quite as flashy as its competitors. Langria does bring the color in a blue and black motif but the design lacks any type of stylized lines to add some additional funk.

A splash of neon adds a bit of a unique touch even if it feels kind of out of place. It is still a nice formulaic style approach to the racing chair design. Starting from the bottom we have a rolling base leading up to a adjustable slide out footrest.

The height is also adjustable along with the armrests and lumbar support cushion. we have full 360 swivel functionality along with a back rest that can lock in at any position from 90 to 175 degrees.

With a price tag of less than $200, this chair also fits into the lower end for racing style chairs which is always a plus. If you like the style of this chair it makes for a great purchase.

Specification and Features

Material: Smooth PU vinyl leather, heavy duty aluminum base
Features: padded headrest, backrest, seat and armrests,  90° and 175° tilt, 360-degree swivel,
Maximum user weight: 265lbs.
Dimensions: 26.8 inches W x 25.2 inches D x 44.9-48.6 inches H (68 cm W x 64 cm D x 114-123.5 cm H)
Price: 4/5

Gaming Chair with Footrest



#6 Mophorn Footrest Chair

gaming recliner chair


Sometimes competition hits that crucial stopping point where different companies are actually competing with the exact same model. This Mophorn racing style chair is nearly identical to the Happybuy version with only a four dollar difference in price. T

he Mophorn is currently at around $150, so it basically comes down to whether either one is on sale if you like this type of model. The design is simplicity at its finest in a fully adjustable gaming chair. That is probably why it was so quickly duplicated.

The high back rest and sliding footrest provide that perfectly adequate amount of support that give you the just enough quality that makes this type of low end competition so frequent. 360 swivel, and full flat leaning leave the price as the main point of contention.

Specification and Features

Material: Soft PU Artificial Leather
Features: Footrest and Back Support, Armrest and Backrest can recline to 180,
Maximum user weight: 286lbs.
Dimensions: (Depth x Width x Adjustable height) 25.99 x 31.5 x4 3.3~47.25 Inch (66 x 80 x 110~120 cm)
Price: 2.5/5

Mophorn Footrest Chair


#7 Mophorn Chair and Ottoman Set PU Leather Swivel Leaning Chair Racing Car Seat

with ottoman


Mophorn switches it up with this gaming chair that fits the name much better. This Mophorn chair looks straight out of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers robot with its sleek black and silver design. Soft lines and openings for a breathable neck complete this chairs futuristic look.

This chair uses and ottoman set style footrest instead of the sliding adjustable footrest that is more common in racing style gamer chairs. We have nice PU leather and a 360 degree swivel to make up for the lack of wheels.

The tilt is only twenty degrees too so you can not get the fully leaning capability that many gaming chairs can achieve. The armrests are adjustable but this chair is definitely lacking in the area of maneuverability. Thankfully it is not lacking when it come to overall comfort even without speakers or massage functionality.

The price is a bit high around $200, but the market for racing style gaming chairs with detached footrests is not very large so it is pretty reasonable.

Specification and Features

Material: Breathable material strong mesh and colorful PU leather
Features: 360 degree turn and a tilt of 20 degrees, Backrest and seat height adjustable, Adjustable armrest and Rock-back
Maximum user weight: 330lbs.
Dimensions: TV Armchair 27.56”x29.5”-44.5”x42.9”-37.4”, Ottoman Size: 18.5”W X 17”D X 16”H
Price: 4/5

Mophorn Chair and Ottoman Set


#8 OrangeA High Back Office Chair Ergonomic PU Leather Executive Office Chair 360 Degree Swivel



For the professional gamer who likes to look prepared for business in all black OrangeA has a chair for you.

Since there is only one color they opted for a more traditional style design that emphasizes comfort over fancy shapes and originality.

If that appeals to you this PU leather chair features high density foam for long lasting comfort over prolonged gaming sessions. Shooting for a comfort level only a step behind a built in massage.

This chair combines ergonomics with economics for a form fitting feel at around $170.

This puts the chair nicely into the lower range for gaming chairs, great for someone who wants an upgraded racing chair style feel but does not need the racing style looks. 360 swivel, adjustable slide out footrest and a nice set of wheels complete a competitive package.

Specification and Features

Material: PU+PVC Leather
Features: Adjustable strong armrests, high backrest, adjustable height and angle, 90-degrees to 180-degrees recline
Maximum user weight: 308lbs.
Dimensions: Total chair height: 47.25~51.18 Inch(adjustable), Backrest height x width: 28.74 x 18.9 Inch, Seat pad depth x width: 20.87 x 20.87 Inch
Price: 5/5

OrangeA High Back Office Chair


#9 Merax New Office Mesh Computer Gaming Chair Swivel Office Chair with Footrest



The last gaming chair on our list does its best to make you appreciate how far you have come. Merax combines PU leather and a soft mesh padding to bring you a comfortable affordable option for your gaming needs.

You want to be able to play as long as you want so it is nice to see a different type of feel in the mesh for whatever your comfort preference. We have and adjustable slide under footrest along with adjustable height and 360 degree swivel capabilities.

This all black model does not have the ability to grab eyes however, or to relax backs with only your basic twenty degree tilt instead of full leaning. The price is pretty affordable though at around $150.

If you are the type of gamer who doesn’t need leaning or extra adjustability and would rather just be really comfortable Merax has you covered.

Specification and Features

Material: Soft mesh upholstery
Features: lumbar and neck support, Seat height adjustment, tilt lock, tension control
Dimensions: Seat size: 22 inches wide x 20.1 inches deep, Seat height: 18.1 inches adjustable to 22 inches high, Backrest size: 22 inches wide x 28.7 inches deep
Price: 5/5



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