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Best Game Room Sofa – For the Laid Back Gamer – Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a comfy game room sofa that can allow you to play games for long hours? Or you just want one to relax or make you house look sassy?

These aren’t the only reasons why you would need one, as every person has his or her priorities. However if you are looking for one that will let you play for hours, then read on, as we review 10 super cozy sofas that might just give you what you are looking for as a gamer.

Best Gaming Room Sofas & Couch

Let us have a look at some of the best gaming room sofas that you can buy in the market.

There are plenty more sofa for game room; however, the following stand out as the best there are. They have been chosen based on customer reviews, quality of build and the bargain.

Merax Pu Leather Foldable Game Room Sofa

Game Room Sofa

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The first game room sofa that we’re going to review is Merax Pu Leather Foldable Modern Leisure which is made of black leather. If you are a gamer and looking for a relaxing seat to allow you to play for hours and also add style to your room, then this is the one that you should buy.

If you’re tired after hours of gaming, then it’s time to fold this sofa out into a bed! In addition, this feature also allows you to have the option of turning this piece of furniture into a chair, lounge and bed for reading, sleeping etc.

The creators of this game room sofa have filled steel foam in high density to ensure that once someone’s sat down, they’re not getting up anytime soon. One of the major drawbacks of this sofa is that it can only accommodate a single person, so that means no multiplayer gaming sessions if you buy this one.

Merax Folding Lazy Sofa


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Next up, is Merax Folding Lazy Sofa. As the name goes, this lazy game room sofa will make you as sleepy as a koala when you’ll sit on it. It is built on a steel frame and filled with soft sponge and polyester fiber for easy use. Made of fine linen, the chair can be used in a dorm room, office, or even in a living room. Yet, the best use of the lazy sofa is that you use it as a gaming chair.

Merax folding lazy sofa comes with five levels of adjustment, adjustable armrests and can also be detached to convert it into a bed or a floor sofa. That means it is ideal for gamers!

Also, the sofa is cheaply priced which makes it suitable for you to buy if you are on a tight budget. Now let’s look at the disadvantages of the Merax Folding Sofa. Many people say that it’s not easily adjustable, so you have to be careful if you don’t want to damage it.

Merax Adjustable Fabric Folding Game Room Sofas

game room sofas

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The third gaming sofa that we have for you is the Merax Adjustable Fabric Folding Sofa. It’s made of super-soft linen that’s easy to clean. The Merax Adjustable is also foldable, space-efficient and ideal for gamers living in small apartments. Next comes comfort, the most important feature in my opinion.

The Merax Adjustable game room sofa has lots of sponge and padding, so it’s ideal for long hours of gaming and dozing off afterwards. Third is portability, because who knows when you’ll have to change the location of your gaming system. This sofa might look heavy, but it only weighs 26.5 pounds, so it’s easy to move.

The Merax Adjustable Folding Sofa has 5 folding levels, which makes it ideal for people with all types of body postures. I don’t think this gaming sofa has any cons, except one that the Merax Adjustable Fabric Folding Sofa is only available in one color, denim blue. So if you want a gaming sofa in a different color to suit your room, then this isn’t the one for you.

Best Choice Products-PU Leather Game Room Couch

game room couch

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The fourth gaming sofa on the list is the Best Choice Products PU Leather Sofa. The name seems similar to the first gaming sofa that we discussed, but there’s quite a few differences. The first one is the size, because the Best Choice Leather Sofa is smaller than the Merax Pu Leather, so it’s quite handy for small spaces.

Next is fabric, and this game room sofa is made of luxurious black leather that’ll make your gaming system look great. It’s also easy to clean, so don’t worry about stubborn greasy marks and drink spills. Next comes weight, and this sofa is lighter than the Merax Pu Leather at just 31 pounds.

The Best Choice Pu Leather’s got plenty of comfort too, with high-density split foam and padding. Now that we’ve covered the pros, let’s move on to the cons.

I think the biggest con is the price of the Best Choice Leather Sofa. Most people would consider this to be slightly overpriced at $159, so if you don’t want to spend too much on gaming furniture, this probably won’t suit you.

DHP Euro Futon Loveseat Game Room Sofa

game room sofa 2

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Next up is the DHP Euro Futon Loveseat, and this one is different from the others on the list. That’s because it’s not a floor sofa, but a loveseat with chrome legs. So it’s suitable for those of you who like to sit upright while gaming.

But don’t get scared yet, because it has adjustable armrests, which means you can still get comfortable without completely lying down. Next is the fabric, which is black upholstery that’s cozy and easy to clean too. This sofa also has storage pockets on the armrests, which is perfect for neat-freak gamers.

Now it’s time to look at the demerits of the DHP Futon Loveseat. First is the amount of comfort, because this sofa has cushions that don’t really cover the metal bars in it, so it’s not good for gamers with back problems.

Also, some gamers say that it could have offered more in its current price, but if you’re on a tight budget and need a decent gaming sofa, getting the DHP Euro Loveseat is a great idea.

Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Mattress and Sofa

folding sofa

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The sixth gaming sofa in this list is the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa. This one doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually great for gamers living in dorms or other small buildings. If you can’t get a full-size sofa bed, this is the next best thing.

The Milliard Tri-Fold Sofa also has a removable cover, which is machine-washable. It’s also very comfortable because of the high-density foam in it. If you’re a gamer who loves to travel and wants to take a bit of their gaming system along, the Milliard Tri-Fold is made for you! T

he lightweight design of this gaming sofa makes it easily portable. Now let’s move on to the cons. There’s just one con that I can see, and it is that the Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress and Sofa might be more suitable for use as a mattress rather than a gaming sofa, because users might feel like they’re sliding off, due to the absence of armrests.

LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress – Gaming Couch

gaming room couch

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After that, we have the LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress. This nifty piece of furniture doubles as a gaming sofa and sleeper, making it ideal for all your gaming chair needs. Additionally, it’s space-efficient so it’s good for newbie gamers.

Just like the Milliard Tri-Fold, this one has a removable cover made of breathable, polyester mesh so it’s easy to keep clean. It’s made of memory foam, so it’s very comfortable and molds itself to your body posture. The LUCID 4 Inch has a carry handle, so you can take it to a friend’s house and continue playing!

Another noteworthy point is that this gaming sofa isn’t really a proper sofa, but rather a floor chair or futon. So it’s best for console gaming. With the merits covered, let’s see the disadvantages to buying the LUCID 4 Inch.

One might be that this sofa isn’t really made for sitting upright because it’s a lounge sofa. So if you’re used to sitting straight while gaming, you might have to pass on this one.

LUCID 8 Inch Convertible Floor Mattress

covertible couch

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The eighth gaming sofa in the list is the LUCID 8 Inch Convertible and Floor Sofa. This one looks very modern, and that’s why it’s one of my favorites. But it doesn’t compromise on comfort, because it’s made of 8-inch thick high-density foam.

It can be used as an ottoman, lounger, sofa and mattress, so it’s pretty much an all-in-one package. It’s got a removable grey cover, which adds to the style and practicality. It’s also perfect for more than one person, so you can have lots of multiplayer gaming sessions.

Next comes material, and the LUCID 8 Inch is made of high-quality polyester which is super comfortable. Now let’s see the cons of this gaming sofa. There’s just one big, very noticeable con, which is the price.

At a hefty $239, the LUCID 8 Inch Convertible isn’t cost-effective and thus not feasible for gamers who don’t have a lot to spend on furniture.

Merax Adjustable 5-Position Folding Gamer Sofa

folding gamer sofa

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The second-to-last gaming sofa we’re going to review is the Merax Adjustable 5-Position Folding Floor Chair. Just looking at a picture of this gaming sofa makes me want to sit on it, because it looks so comfy!

The material of this game room chair is microfiber, which is supported by a strong metal frame. This is definitely ideal for console gaming, because it’s a floor chair and can be adjusted in 5 positions.

Because of its fabric, it might look heavy, but it’s really lightweight and you can easily drag it anywhere in the house. Another plus is that it’s available in two colors, coffee and orange (at a slightly higher price.) After that, let’s see if there’s any disadvantages of buying the Merax Adjustable.

I can see just one, which is the strong chemical odor that comes from the fabric of the sofa, and takes a few days to air out. But all in all, if you want a comfy, lazy, console gaming chair, the Merax Adjustable is perfect for you.

Merax Adjustable PU

floor sofa bed

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The last gaming sofa we will review in this article is the Merax Adjustable PU Floor Sofa Bed. It looks like it belongs to a high-end gaming system because of its black leather. It’s also very comfortable, because of the high-quality leather.

This game room sofa can be folded out to accommodate more people, and can be converted to a bed and lounge chair. It doesn’t seem sturdy, but it has a steel frame that will ensure long-lasting use. The armrest and backrest can be adjusted into 5 different positions, which is good for extra spine and neck support.

This gaming sofa doesn’t have any legs, so it’s kind of like a bed more than a sofa. Now let’s check out the demerits of buying a Merax Adjustable PU Sofa. There’s just one disadvantage, which is the amount of space that this sofa covers.

That means it’s not suitable for apartments, so if you’re looking for a space-efficient gaming sofa, maybe this isn’t for you.

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