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Best Gaming Recliner Chair – Essential Gaming Component

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Gaming is an experience which directly related to the equipment that you use. The best gaming recliner chair is one such component that greatly enhances your experience.

If you are fisherman, you invest in a good fishing rod, baits and reels. If you are a hunter, you primarily hunting gear would be a rifle, bullets and a scope. However, to further enhance your experience you would go further by spending on a hat, trousers or even a coat specifically designed for hunting.

These extra components won’t ensure a good hit, but would enhance your general experience.

Similarly, gaming chair is a component that is not as essential as the core CPU components, but can significantly improve your time gaming. A gaming chair specifically designed for gaming.

Like the gaming chairs, another highly important component is getting right gaming desk. A large and comfortable desk can go a long way in making your experience worthwhile.

Most of the gaming chairs that we talk about here at Gaming Gearoid are basically recliner gaming chairs. This is because most of the high back racing/ non-racing type gaming chairs have reclining feature by default.

What Kind of Gaming Recliner Chair Can You Get?

There are many types of gaming recliner chairs; however, four types generally stand.


These are your every day recliner. They have limited reclining capacity and cannot go all the way to sleep mode. They excellent for laying back while staying being able to look at the gaming screen.


These recliner, as the name suggests, pull all the way back. This enable you to even sleep on your recliners. These recliner gaming chairs are excellent for office gaming environment you may want to dose off.

Gaming Recliner Chair with Ottoman

Again, as the name suggests, these recliner gaming chairs come with an Ottoman. Instead of an attached component, these recliners have a standalone Ottoman.

Best Gaming Recliner Chair Review

Now that you know the several kinds of recliners that exist. Let us now have a look all the best ones that you can find out there.

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RW106

recliner gaming chair

First up we have a DXRacer recliner gaming chair. Anybody know has remotley searched for gaming recliner chairs would know that DXRacer is one of the most prominent brand in this market.

They have tons of products to satisfy the comfort requirements of the gamers. The color black stays as the primary in all variation of color accents of this chair.

Therefore, it goes in line with two most famous gaming setup colors. The only color missing is blue, unfortunately.

So coming to the highlights of the chair, it uses a patented race card design with breathable material. On top that, the arm rests are soft give the added comfort.

The high back and adjustable backrest gives extra support to neck and back.

Merax High Back Racing Gaming Recliner Chair

recliner chair

The highlight of this chair is the top quality PU leather as the primary material along with padded arm and head rests.

If you are looking for extreme comfort at the best price tag possible, then this is the chair to get. It has a strong and a sturdy base. It comes in 4 colors. Furthermore, it is very spacious; large enough for you to sit with folded legs.

Although it does not offer a patented design or a high quality breathable material like the DXRacer above, it is a fraction of the cost. This make it quite the bargain.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line Chair

Vertagear is a premium gaming recliner chair that is one of the most praised and bought product in this market.

There are a total of 10 color variation for this model including some of the rarer colors. I personally like the Black Carbon color to be the best. Its simple and can go along in any environment be it your office or home.

Attaching the reinforced heavy duty alloy base to seat is an effortless task and can be done by single person without any expertise.

Like most of the best recliner gaming chair, this chair also has Lumbar support to give your back the comfort it needs.

The chair uses a premium PVC Faux Leather with extra cushioning which should suffice for long haul gaming.

Being a premium recliner chair, it does cost more than an average recliner gaming chair.

Aminiture High Back Gaming Recliner with Lumbar Support

lambar support recliner

if you want a recliner gaming chair that can ensure a perfect posture and provide you with comfort to your back, then this is the one to go for.

We all know the dangers of prolonged sitting to your backs. Gamers are mostly guilty of not maintaining a good posture while sitting. As a gamer, I know that I start to get back pains when I sit for an 8 hour long session. This is not natural.

Thankfully, there are chairs like this that have Lumbar Support. Although they are not a substitute for taking a break from gaming on regular intervals, they are much better than a conventional recliner as far as the health benefit goes.

Other than the lumbar support, this chair cushioning all over the place. it is available in only two color: black/blue and black/white.

Other than that, this is a pretty well priced chair and can support a maximum of 300 lbs. This is more than even some of the premium chairs in this list.

Viva Office Leather Gaming Recliner Chair


What do you do if you are a gamer who just doesn’t wants to get some shut eye before going for another raid with the Horde? Well, you try get some sleep on your chair.

Unfortunately, most the chairs won’t enable you get a good nap. Well, that is where this recliner sets a standard.

This is a premium gaming recliner that offers you the mechanism to lay almost flat with it. It has reclining angles that almost mimics the sleeping position.

What is the catch? It is more expensive than an average recliner chair for gaming, but on par with the rest of the premium chair out there.

Mophorn Recliner and Ottoman Set Recliner

with ottoman

So you are a gamer who plays like a boss. This a large and spacious recliner chair that is a borderline sofa. I like how it mimics a Starfleet captain’s chair.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a very expensive product. If you take into consideration the premium chairs listed here, this is almost half of theirs price range.

The other most visible attraction to this recliner is the Ottoman. The great thing about an Ottoman is that you can place any where you want. You are bound by any built in length.

Plus, a large surface of the Ottoman means that it supports a longer length of your leg as compared to the built in footrests in conventional recliner chairs.

The only drawback to this chair is that it only tilts a maximum of 30 degrees. So you are far from laying flat.

Homycasa Leisure Recliner and Ottoman Chair 

gaming recliner chair

This is another recliner gaming chair that comes with an Ottoman.

It is not too distinct from the one above by Mophorn in terms of functionality in comfort. The only difference between the two is style and the price tag. This is particular recliner is much cheaper.

Another great thing about these recliner chairs with Ottoman is that they have a very high weight capacity. In fact, this particular model can hold up to 375 lbs. Compared to a conventional recliner gaming chair, this is at least 30% more.

OrangeA High Back Office Ergonomic Chair


Enough with the racing style gaming recliner chairs. Some of us gamers do want an executive feel to your gaming caves. Well, this is just the right product for you.

It is basically a highly comfortable and an affordable office chair that can be used perfectly for gaming. It has a pretty decent reclining angle.

Made out of PU Leather with all black accents, this chair is suitable for both gaming parties as well as official business.

IKAYAA Ergonomic Racing Gaming Chair Office 

chair for gaming

What if you combine a typical racing gaming chair with an office executive look? You basically get an end product that looks exactly like this recliner chair.

It has so conveniently been called a gaming chair as well as an office executive chair by the brand itself. It serves both purpose perfectly.

This chair looks premium, feels premium but costs much less than some of the chairs listed here.

This recliner has the capacity to recline to an almost 180 degrees angle. You should have no problem taking a nap on this chair.

The only draw back is that it uses PU leather so if you sweat heavily, you will feel uncomfortable eventually.

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